Personality Clashes at NYT Led to Abramson Ouster

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May 15 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg's Edmund Lee discusses Jill Abramson’s ouster at the Grey Lady. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Set the stage for us.

Joe was hired to run the newsroom, which was an historic moment for the paper.

She was the first woman hired.

Less than three years later she was fired.

There is a whole host of reasons.

First of all, the chairman and publisher who represents the family that controls the paper -- they never got along.

Personality clash.

He saw her as someone who was more interested in the trappings of the job than the actual job itself.

She would go on panels and interviews and speaking engagements without consulting him.

If they never got along, why give her the job in the first place.

Hold on, eric.

There are countless examples when a publisher or chairman would think someone would be right for the ceo job and once they are in the seat it doesn't necessarily work.

It doesn't have to do with the fact that she is a woman.

Guess what?

We are thrilled to have her in a ceo job.

If you want her to be treated like a man, guess what?

A man can be fired.

I'm just trying to make the point that it's not just her conduct, however frustrating and may have been.

It's a good point.

When he chose abramson, it was between her and d mckay and it was a hard call for him.

He liked the fact that he was able to appoint a woman as the first woman to run the new york times.

He was very prideful of that.

He would point that ever whatever -- that out whenever he would go on speaking engagements.

Isn't it about who can run a company in a good way?


It's to sell newspapers.

And i think anyone would argue that she did.

She was successful at that.

When he chose her, it's not as though there were an abundance of qualified people.

The pool is limited.

He ended up giving her seniority, giving her experience.

It was not entirely just his call.

Even if it was his call, it takes a pretty bold call to then say i made a mistake.

We have seen countless examples of when the management hires a person from the outside and the person is a lemon and they don't want to admit that.

He is saying that in his actions.

He is not saying that in his words.

He is also famously a passive aggressive leader.

If he has problems with someone, he won't tell you until he fires you.

That is his way of operating, according to people.

How much of this can be explained by the change in strategy at the times.

It is a digitally driven newsroom.

They hired the former head of the bbc to run that area.

And they are not making money , correct?

They are.

They're actually doing well.

It's a relatively small business.

It's a $2 billion company.

With a lot of influence.

They have a lot of influence, and that is why we all care about it, but a lot of this personality conflict has to do with the way they interact with each other.

But as far as jill, he thought she was too self-promotional.

That is one of his pet peeves.

That was his problem with the ceo be hired at the end of 2011. there is a bit of a history with him with this.

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