Perkins: Kleiner Perkins Threw Me Under the Bus

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) –- In an exclusive interview, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers Co-Founder Tom Perkins discusses his comments comparing the treatment of wealthy Americans to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. He speaks exclusively with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

The one word, kristallnacht.

They said that they were shocked by the words that you use and do not agree.

You have been involved with them for many years.

How do you respond to what they said?

Do understand why there is been a kind of backlash?


First of all, my letter was not about kleiner perkins caufield & byers.

I did not mention them at all.

They did not need to say anything.

But they chose to throw me under the bus.

And i did not like that.

They said they were shocked.

I sort of feel like the guy saying, look, do not go swimming.

There are sharks in the water.

You have to understand the warning.

I was presenting a warning.

And i do not think they got that.

Secondly, they made a point of my not having been involved for some years.

And that is true.

And i think as i have distanced myself from the firm, they have a corresponding decline in the firm.

But i will go further than that.

In a way, i miss them.

I hope they miss me.

Your name is on the door.

So when you say something it does reflect on them, to a certain extent.

Do you worry about it reflecting on them?

I did not have them in mind when i wrote this piece.

It was not about them.

In that nothing to do with them.

They are right that there philosophy and strategies have diverged significantly from mine own.

My name on the door probably does not mean very much, if anything, it anymore.

Do you think your name shall be on the door, especially after this op-ed?

I think that is for them to decide.

I do not care either way.

When you say there's been a decline in performance, do you think that if you were involved it would be different?

I don't want to talk about that.

Let's talk about the solution here.

You mentioned that your friend fled austria and hitler.

You think he would've agreed with you?

I would have.

I was not talking about the nazis.

I was talking about the persecution of a minority by the majority.

Kleiner always distrusted those sorts of trends in american politics, not in connection with, so much, anti-semitism, but in general.

He certainly would have understood my message and approved of it.

Oddly, there's been a lot of e-mail and a lot of twitter.

Shortly before i came here, i got an e-mail from a person i do not know from new england, and he said -- i'm going to quote part of this.

He said, i am a democrat.

I consider missable liberal.

I'm bewildered by the amount of scapegoating that is been sent toward american success stories.

To lay blame for society's ills at the feet of them is irresponsible and dangerous.

Please continue to speak out and use this platform to speak against this type of irresponsible finger-pointing.

That is from a liberal.

View of conservatives out there calling you the leading a-hole in the state.

Well that is a very nice word, considering i do not know him, and he doesn't know me.

If you knew me, perhaps.

Paul called me crazy in " the new york times." he also pointed out that rising inequality can have negative consequences, in the sense that if it leaves us more economically vulnerable thanhen -- if the people who are rich cannot paper stuff, then everyone suffers.

There are intermixed ideas.

He received the nobel prize in economics.

To demonize the job creators is crazy.

To demonize the rich who spend and buy things and stimulate the economy is crazy.

I heard on the news hour with -- oh gosh, the name escapes me -- they got into the discussion of the idiocy of rolex watches.

They talked about it as a symbol of terrible values and etc.


Well, i think that is a little silly.

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