Perkins: Google Buses Are Part of the Solution

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Jan. 27 (Bloomberg) –- In an exclusive interview, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers Co-Founder Tom Perkins discusses his comments comparing the treatment of wealthy Americans to the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany. He speaks exclusively with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Perkins joining us.

You mentioned your watch, tom.

And you said you could buy a sixpack of rolex is.

That was naughty.

That was off the air.

It was a gift.

It was a gift because i built a big boat thir.

You mention that you were from the 99% and this is something you never thought you would be able to afford.

Tell me more about where you came from.

I am a nerd, a geek.

I went to not a particularly good high school.

It was very effortless glee oriented.

I was not -- it was very athletic in orientation.

I was not.

Then i went from being a geek in a school of jock and then a jock in a school of nerds.

How quickly life can change.

I got a great education at m.i.t. i went on to harvard business school.

Then i went to work for hewlett-packard, which was a very small company back then.

This is in 1957. i think the revenues were under $20 million a year.

Everything is learned about fincher i learned from david packard.

We became close friends throughout his life.

And he was my mentor.

Here we are once again later.

You have made millions.

You helped create billionaires.

You created a multimillion dollar company.

What is the responsibility of the company to the city of san francisco and to the people who live in the city of san francisco?

I think we're talking about the leadership of the companies.

I do not like the idea of companies giving money to political campaigns, even though it is legal.

I do not like that.

But what about policies?

I am not talking about ceos giving millions of dollars away.

I am talking about these companies, for example.

What about these ones that offer free perks for employees?

It is a competitive injury.

-- industry.

They also keep people working during their launch our.

It is not all sweetness and honeybees.

But what about when they say, i don't give too many sweet -- free things because i want them to spend their money or market street.

That is fine.

My partner has been deeply engaged with the obama administration.

He has been on task forces and committees.

I think that is great.

I think that politics is very, very, very important.

We cannot ignore it.

And we cannot ignore the direction that it is going.

Obviously, i am not a liberal.

I am a conservative and a liberal community.

Nevertheless, i think that the ceos of silicon valley should pay attention to where the liberal flag is leading currently.

It is leading to demonizing the rich, blaming the lack of job creation on the rich, which is, in my opinion, simply preposterous.

Right or left, or in the middle, you cannot ignore the drift in national politics.

If you do ignore it, it will be to your regret.

For the 99%, they cannot ignore the rising housing prices.

Housing prices are up 50% in the last five years in san francisco.

They have not released the most recent data.

Only 260 nine new housing units were created in 2011. at the same time, 25,000 new people moved here.

There just is not enough room for everyone.

Well, everybody wants to live in san francisco, and i do not blame them.

We are getting into an area where my qualifications are very thin.

When control and things like that have a lot to do at this.

Using capitalism to create more housing as part of the solution.

Building high-rises as part of the solution.

And buses are part of the solution, i suppose.

I think that the 99% across america should pay attention to politics, follow where it is going.

Do read the newspapers.

Do not try to get everything over twitter and facebook.

It is not all there.

And they should worry about the future.

Right now, i think that america faces a very troubled future.

I sometimes feel, at least, that we have gone past the point of no return.

I hope that i'm wrong.

Do you r --? shorey do.

I have family that lives in trailer parks.

Not immediate relatives, but family.

What about the city of san francisco?

It is always been overpriced and expensive.

The floods and the huntington's live there, and so forth.

And as a long history of being wealthy, extravagant, and desirable, and a little crazy.

Does the city of santa cisco have an obligation to have a place for everyone -- san francisco have an obligation of a place for everyone?

Should everyone be able to live your?

The marketplace will take care of that.

City should stay out of the economics of capitalism, in my opinion.

You mentioned that you give millions to charity?

When a user money -- use your money to create an organization to combat some of these issues rather than write a letter?

I am doing a bit of that.

But i believe in giving most of my money to medical institutions and institutions of higher education.

I give the cultural things, like the san francisco ballet, which i basically ran for one year a while ago.

And i did some work in norway, which is how i became a norwegian night.


Some of the dollars i was spreading around her now only worth five cents.

I have given away one hell of a lot of money.

You were called the king of silicon valley, at one point.

How would you describe yourself?

I have enough air gets to be royal.

-- arrogance to be royal.

I am an old man.

I look back on my career and think i've accomplished a lot.

If i had to do it again, i do not know what i would've changed.

I am at peace with myself.

The fact that everybody now hates me is part of the game.

I am sorry about that.

That is not what it meant to do.

Cofounder of kleiner perkins

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