Perion Focused on Being Billion-Dollar Company: CEO

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Josef Mandelbaum, CEO at Perion Network, talks with Elliott Gotkine about his focus on building Perion into the next billion dollar tech company in Israel on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Declined to renew their deal.

You insist that investors were misinformed.


Thanks for having me again.

We provide a platform for publishers to help them distribute and analyze their products.

We help them make money, get more traffic, and we help them analyze data so they can improve their performance.

Some of those things, some of those products we use and be anything.

It is a platform, not a product heard in regards to our partnerships, we are very happy.

With google, yahoo!, bing and ask, and we expect them to continue for a long time.

Where do you think babylon went wrong?

I am not going to comment on other people's companies.

The people have some issues and i feel for them.

But i'm focused on us and building perion into a billion- dollar company in israel.

You said last time we spoke that you were hoping to hit that target within three to five years.

Are you sticking with that?

Certainly sticking with that, because i do not want to give investors more than i already said.

I think it is doable within the next three to five years.

I hope we can beat that timeframe.

A lot of people are familiar with their products, but that is a small part of your business.

Where do you see the most growth coming from?

The most growth coming from today is the evolution of what we were.

With incredimail we realize that the bigger opportunity is to help people grow their business mobile and online and the desktop.

It gives us this unbelievable flat form, for managing of apps like incredimail.

We gave the opportunity for growth is surrounding publishers with a full solution -- analytics, modernization, distribution -- and taking that to mobile and tablets.

Coming up, that deal will close in january.

How long before you look up for further acquisitions?

First i will start with the first acquisition.

We were set to close in early january.

We are excited.

The new perion.

We will reach for the top as we go forward.

Number one.

Number two, we expect more acquisitions.

I do not think we will do a big one quite so soon.

But as we look at the platform, we have to fill out some holes with regards to how we move our business forward.

With regards to going forward on being acquired.

Our business is focusing on israel.

We wish you the best of luck.

The ceo of perion.

I'll hand it back to you in london.

Thank you very much.

Coming up, christmas comes early for airbus, but the news may not be good for european carriers.

As we head to break, here is another look at how markets are moving on the fed decision to taper.

They did give is that news

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