Pepsico Makes Big Investment in India

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Betty Liu reports on top trending global news stories on today's "Global Outlook" on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time now for the global outlook.

Pepsico making a big investment in india.

The snackfood giant will invest more than $5 billion to increase manufacturing capacity and add new products.

Pepsico generated half of the revenue outside of the u.s. and more in snacks been in sodas.

The finding comes from a stolen art cachet of more than 1000 pieces that were discovered in an apartment last year.

In russia, subway riders willing to feel -- willing to ride will be able to get a free ticket.

The campaign aims to promote fitness ahead of the 2014 winter olympics.

A lot of what people may be walking around moscow.

U.k. inflation slows more than economists forecast and october.

The closest since the targets in september 2 thousand well.

Michael mckee says it is part of a global trend of disinflation brought on by falling oil prices.

And mark carney doing push- ups.

This is a real surprise.

England has been the one outlier.

We did a story last week talking about how disinflation has taken charge.

The united states very low right now.

England was the outlier.

Now it comes in at 2.2%. half percentage drop in one month.

The core rate down to 1.7%. the bank of england target is two percent.

Tomorrow ernie will hold a press conference to talk about what the bank of england inflation rate is.

-- carney will hold a press conference.

People wonder if he will talk about any kind of change.

Most people think because one- month does not make a trend necessarily he will not say anything that has to acknowledge inflation has slowed in the united kingdom as a has and the rest of the world.

Falling oil prices or what is behind it?

Hardly falling oil prices and partly because slowing oil

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