Pepsi Profit Tops Estimates In Spite of Revenue

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu reports on today's top stories in "Top Headlines." She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Is on the markets get our lives will be on what happens in the senate.

Can they get a deal done?

Which will then hopefully get passed in the house and will avert the debt ceiling deadline, which we are one day away from.

S&p futures are now, they are up . we are on the markets again in 30 minutes.

Here is a look at our bloomberg top headlines in japan, 17 people are dead, more than 50 are missing after a once in a decade typhoon hit the country overnight.

The worst of the storm hit an offshore island.

Tokyo metropolitan area suffered hurricane force winds, drenching rain at the peak of the morning rush hour.

Patsy is that with its third- quarter results.

They earned above $.24 a share, which is better, but it's revenue is like.

The company had weaker results in its north american beverage unit appeared we will have an interview with the company's cfo in the next hour to talk about the shares in the u.s.. yahoo!

Reporting earnings that the estimates last night after the bell, but revenue fell short.

Forecast and fourth quarter also trailed wall street estimates.

The company's stake and alley about the -- in alibaba will be huge if it is going public later this year.

We've been tracking bank earnings starting with jpmorgan to store it loss that was announced as the bank set aside 7.2 billion dollars last quarter to defend itself against

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