Penny Stock Up 1900%, After Being Mistaken for Nest

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) –- On today's "The Roundup," Comedian Chuck Nice, Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Julie Hyman wrap up the day's top market stories on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Has been going on with amazon, what will happen this evening.

There is a vote among workers in a delaware warehouse to vote on joining a labor union, a unit of the afl-cio.

It's only 30 people we are talking about.

The distribution center has this teen hundred people who actually work there.

The company has about 100,000 people who work for it.

In terms of the actual numbers, not that significant, but this would be the first union in the united states for amazon.

There have been some attempts at union station, a broad, but this would be the first here.

Analysts have said there have not been bigger attempts to unite because the workers are relatively well paid.

They get benefits, yada yada yada, but amazon has been very vocal about not wanting unions.

You are chomping at the bit to jump in.

Listen, when you take care of your employees, they are less likely to unionize.

We all remember that iconic scene from "norma rae." it was not "we want more lunchtime." that was not the grievance.

It was, "we are working in egregious conditions." that is not the case with amazon.

I will tell you this much -- my admonition to those people who are trying to unionize -- better watch out.

Jeff raises -- jeff bezos will just buy a company that makes robots.

The way they are running those fulfillment centers -- they have rows and rows, shelves of stuff, and people walking in and grabbing it.

It should be automated.

People walk up and down the rows . why is that not automated?

That is a revolutionary way of delivering goods to people.

"you want a book and a box of candy, and they are kind of the same size, so we put them in this been -- bin" so that kind of makes sense.

However, you do not want to give this man an incentive to -- to replace you.

The reality is even if there was a union -- if there is a union, they might be able to protect themselves against that.

You look at union shops, and you see this on television -- certain people can only touch certain buttons because it is all unionize.

That is what people hate about unions.

That's where unions get themselves in trouble.

In other words, it cuts both ways, right?

Just a quick note, these guys are machinists, so they fix machines that are there.

They will always have a job.

They will be fixing the automated robots at the service center.

We will see what happens tonight.

In the meantime, we are also watching "the new york times," who cited some leaked documents that say the nsa can monitor leaked documents on computers even if the computers are not connected to the internet.

A little scary.

There are 100,000 computers around the world that allow the u.s. to conduct surveillance and effectively connect a superhighway to conduct cyber attacks.

I do not need to get into the intricacies of all this technology.

I think that the bottom line takeaway for all of us is if you were worried about the nsa before, maybe tapping into your internet connection, now you have to worry about them tapping into your computer without the internet.

They say they are not doing it domestically, though.

That's what they say.

It sounds like -- and this is from leaked documents, so it's not just what they say.

It's what we have learned as part of the snowden lee, and it looks like it is mostly foreign governments.

Here is my only fear -- this is exactly how cyber nine systems became self-aware and the machines rose up and took over the earth.

Somebody who knows what i'm talking about right now, lives and their mom's basement is like, "he's right." imagine -- all right -- here is my iphone, right?

Imagine if my iphone had a little chip in bedded in it, -- in bedded -- imbedded in it.

It communicates over a very low frequency radio wave that can travel a great distance.

I do not even know it is in there.

It's amazing.

Hold on, mama is calling.

It's amazing with the nsa.

Let's be for real -- first of all, russia has done the same thing, but they did it with him drives, and they gave it up to diplomats at a meeting like, "here, this is on us." but they told people.

The truth of the government is the government is not worried about you.

They know mostly you have a boring life and they know what you're doing on your computer, and mostly it's. let's be for real.

-- mostly it is porn.

Let's be for real.

Who is watching penny stocks?

That's me.

We were talking about nestor, up 19% yesterday, because people confused it with nest, the company that google bought.

That's a private company that makes thermostats.

Netstore is a company that makes traffic control systems bought by the state of rhode island.

A little confusion in the takers . amazingly, the stock was up this morning, now back to flat.


Not down?

How much did it increase?

1900%. it was trading less than half a penny, and it went up to 1.2 six or seven cents -- it went up at one point to sixe or or seven cents.

Everybody out there watching, nets ticker is not the company that google bought.

I will say -- it's funny, actually.

Hewlett-packard is not hp.

It's hpq.

There is cisco and sysco, the food company.

Every time you come on the

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