Pebble vs. Galaxy Gear in the Smartwatch Wars

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) –- Pebble Founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky discusses Pebble’s competition with Samsung in the smartwatch market and his company’s design strategy. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Pebble has sold over 100,000 watches.

You are wearing the watch on your wrist.

Thanks for coming back here.

I'm sure you are watching very closely yesterday.

What do you think of the galaxy dear -- gear?

We saw the watch.

It speaks to that push towards this type of a device coming into the market.

We see more and more people over this year starting to make wearables.

We are happy to see people to begin to accept these devices.

How is your vision different than samsung?

We are not a smart phone maker.

We don't have this entrenched legacy of smart phones that we have to support.

Pebble comes at it with the perspective that, this is a watch, primarily a watch that connects to your phone.

It works with android and iphone smartphones equally.

It is not something you have to check to see if your phone supports it or not.

The galaxy gear does not support samsung phones yet.

What is missing from the galaxy gear?

One thing we have done is try to emphasize that a watch should not be something you have to change your life to -- it should not be something you have to change your life to put on.

It is fully waterproof and outdoor readable . it's especially good for being able to see your speed and pace on your wrist.

We have gotten a lot of commentary over the last 24 hours.

Some love it, some hate it.

We spoke to brian baer of wedge partners.

He has been wearing the pebble watch for several months.

He had this to say about trying out the galaxy gear.

I wear the pebble watch.

It feels like it is 10 years old compared to what samsung has done with this galaxy gear.

He says it feels like it is 10 years old now.

How do you respond to that?

The perspective that samsung has taken has been to try to cram everything and the kitchen sink into your wrist.

We have taken the perspective of simplicity.

What are the 125 tasks that you want -- one to five tasks that you want to do on your wrist?

The wrist as an opportunity to bring small bits of content that are locked up in your phone in your pocket and bring them out unto your wrist.

What kinds of content?

Pebble is great for seeing incoming messages such as e- mails, calls, being able to see if someone is texting you.

It's useful for accessing small bits of data in your phone.

Run keeper supports pebble.

Three k, a golf app, supports pebble.

You always tell me you're not worried.

Apple is working in this market, too.

Any ceo or founder is watching the competition.

Are you doing anything differently now that you have more information about what samsung is working on, and what apple could be working on?

I don't think it changes the announcement of this watch.

We have been focusing on the developer experience, figuring out why developers want to build apps for the watch.

From our perspective, the focus is on helping developers -- ince ntivizing developers to build apps for pebble.

We want to figure out what people want from smart watches.

What is next for the pebble watch?

What do you think of the price.

You can get two pebbles for the price of one.

The samsung watch selling at $299. what is next for pebble?

It will expand to have functionality in notifications and alerts, sports, health, fitness, and remote controls.

These are the use cases we are focusing on.

You are competing with fit bit, nike?

Pebble is more of a platform that app developers can create different experiences on top of.

The fundamentals we have built compete with that.

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