EBay's PayPal President Steps Down to Join Facebook

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June 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson reports on eBay losing its PayPal president David Marcus to Facebook. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Attack with kara icon going after the and sync he really wanted to see them split up.

He thought paypal was the future.

It was such a tremendous amount of technology that could really be leveraged.

That ceo having to live through all of that.

Do you think that might have contributed in any way?


He is a true fake leader.

He really grew that business.

When ebay acquire paypal, there is a lot to talk about this.

They are given a lot of credit for the success of that platform.

They were losing time of money.

It was two dollars for every dollar of revenue.

It was hard to do.

They were losing so much money.

They do not want amazon or so in else to get a hold of paypal.

The customers are using it much.

They really help to transform that business but it is rapidly growing.

There have been a lot of people urging ebay to use -- to spin that and let david marcus run that business.

It raises a lot of money for charity.

He is generally a well-liked guy down there.

One of the points that he mentioned all along was that it was very hard to retain the best power in part because you are not able to offer stock offers that would have the appreciation of a split.

He cited this one.

The stock is basically gone nowhere.

If you want to retain and attract the rest talent, what is your stock rice needing to do to keep them all in?

I guess there are a lot of questions as to why he left.

Fundamentally, growth is what gets the stock going.

It is even revenue growth.

It is true.

Companies that are growing toplines really fast right now are getting great valuations.

The topline line of paypal is growing terrifically.

It is much better even than the very successful ebay business.

What he was looking at was not ingenious technological understanding that the different kind of evaluations the market is putting on good topline growth which is what ebay has suffered.

On some level they're going from a company with big topline growth to spectacular topline growth in facebook.

The company also has a lot of profit.

I think that is a real shocker.

Definitely a shocker.

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