Paul Ryan: I’d Rather Be a Leader Than a Follower

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Representative Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, discusses his plans for immigration reform on “Market Makers.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And the liberals.

Talk about some ideas in this book that fly in the face of conservative orthodoxy?

We are having a problem with immigration reform.

I talk at great length about what i think immigration reform should look like.

It's important we reform the immigration laws for national security and for our economy like would a be boomers retiring.

I talk about upward mobility in a better strategy for fighting poverty.

I list exhaustive plans and how to rethink our approach to fighting poverty and producing upper mobility and the talk about our party needs to reform to be more inclusive be working at at it with nontraditional voters which i think is essential going forward.

What you think the bulk of the parties not where you are?

As leaders, i would like to think we could bring the party to these areas.

I would rather be a leader and leader says this is what we ought to be doing different than what we are doing now.

If everything was great, we would have won the last presidential election.

Everything is not great.

We've got to fix some problem's and we need to be clear about the problems we have in our party so that we can fix these things and give people an honest idea of what we think we should do.

I think what this spells out is a vision that a majority of americans no matter their background, no matter who they are were they come from can support.

That is the kind of election we should have and that is the sort of thing i am pushing.

It's an agenda of solutions to get us back on the right track.

On immigration, there are two groups of people who are here illegally, children brought here and you have one set of ideas but what you lay out in the book and what should be done with the 12 million or so -- your running mate mitt romney was for self deportation.

He wanted them to leave but you don't want them to leave.

You want to give them a path to legalization and maybe citizenship overtime.

They can earn it but they have to get to the back of the line so you preference the legal immigrant.

You have every caveat to -- you want the borders secure first.

You are stepping it different from many people in your party and saying those 12 million people, if they do a series of things, can stay here legally forever, correct?

Yes, they can always get a work permit that is reid nude -- that is renewed indefinitely.

Would you like to see republicans run that in this election cycle?

I put it in the book.

I have been saying that for a number of years.

You would urge the candidates in your party, everyone to be for a policy that says those 12 million people, if they do a series of things, can stay here?

I would not have put it in my book, this is a way to put people on probation so they earn their ability to stay in this country legally so that they get right with the law and come out of the shadows and earn a good place to do this.

I think it would get as good reforms like welfare reforms and it would also leverage the border security we need and the interior and forth between a. it is not trust but verify.

We've got greg problem's in this country.

-- we've got big problems in this country so we will not solve them by doing this the same way.

Here are solutions to some of the intractable problems in this politically paralyzed environment.

That's what leaders should do and yes, sometimes when you put no ideas out there that are controversial, you never get anything done if you cannot do that.

That is the story of my life.

You trade budget chair for ways and means chair?

I want to be respectful.

Let's talk about tax reform.

You talk about lowering the

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