Partnerships Are Key to Growth: BT CEO Patterson

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- BT Group CEO Gavin Patterson discusses the company's partnership with Dolby. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)


Can tim cook do as good a job as steve jobs did.

Some companies grow organically.

You are working with dolby.

Why did you pick them?

Why is this product so important to you?

I think you are right.

Partnerships are a key to growth in this day and age.

We have gotten audio conferencing is missed.

Probably number three in the world and we partnered with dolby to create genuinely differentiated service with superior sound quality.

It removes all that background noise that often spoils the conference call and gets in the way of doing good business.

It gets in the way of hearing and understanding what anyone has said.

I know from personal experience.

Who hasn't on a call where they heard eight baby in the background or a dog barking?

All of that can be taken away and you can hear exactly what is going on.

You can still hear all of the things.

Why are you launching here in the u.s.? the u.s. is so important to the bt group.

Our top clients in the world are headed -- our -- are headquartered in the u.s. we are in new york today.

San francisco later in the week.

You have only been on the job one month.

I'm sure you are busy.

I noticed the bt group signing with the biggest mobile operator in the u.k. for my take, it was an enterprise-focused decision.

Is that true, or will you offer the service to individual customers?

Consumers and enterprises.

We see the opportunity to grow the business.

We do not have business to defend at the moment.

We have a small presence in the mobility market.

We have a spectrum which is perfect for developing within the premise.

We will supplement that with our joint venture.

Physically, you had to do it.

That is right.

The spectrum itself works very well within the premise.

We are giving coverage outside the premise at the same time.

It's for sports fans, how is it going?

We are really pleased.

We launched three channels in the u.k. we launched only three months ago.

Early days.

The right country, right?

If there is one country that is a soccer supporter or otherwise.

No kidding.

I know it is getting bigger in the u.s. we supplemented that with the u.k. and france, including tennis and even usc.

You are taking on sky.

You have serious competitors.

We have a different take on it.

We are not trying to take them head on.

Our broadband in particular, we are using our sports right to create a halo effect.

From audio to mobile, to sport, obviously very busy for

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