Part-Time America a Symptom of Obamacare: Zuckerman

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Mort Zuckerman, chairman at Boston Properties, discusses the contribution of Obamacare to the growth of part-time jobs in the United States and offers his thoughts on the reform of the U.S. health care system. He speaks on “In The Loop.”

Deniers and they will not admit that health care reform is actually working.

What do you say?

I wrote an article that said we have created an enormous amount of our time jobs and we have limited amount of full-time jobs.

I was responding to the government's presentation that we created 288,000 jobs in the last month.

When you look through the numbers, it turns out we lost over 500,000 full-time jobs.

What does that have to do with health care reform?

Health care reform is a part of it but not the only reason we had a weak economy and we have been growing at about two percent for the last five years, the weakest economic recovery in our history, with the most monetary and fiscal policy so we have not fashioned the right policy to get the country out of the slow rate of growth.

Obamacare has contributed to the part-time issue that we have to face where we have 47 million people working part-time in america and the part-time work comes about as a result that obamacare does not apply to people who work under 30 hours per week.

Many companies have been employing people for under 30 hours because they don't want to get involved in the obamacare thing.

That is one of the major outcomes of obamacare.

Let me take it one step further -- you cannot say that all part-time jobs are being created because of obamacare.

For those who are being cycled into part-time jobs because they can't find full-time jobs, isn't it good for them that they have some sort of safety net where they can get insurance if they don't work for a company?

I believe totally in the social insurance of health care.

I don't think this program is the right way to do it.

You look at a country like canada where i am from and you see a much more effective health care program at a much lower cost.

I think that is the kind of program we should've had.

This program does not really work.

One of the cost of it is that it inspires people, employers, to hire people on a part-time raises and not full-time because then they are not responsible for obamacare.

Do you agree with the john boehner lawsuit?

That's not the way to resolve things.

That's old mother issue.

I did not agree with the obamacare program not because i don't support health care but because i thought it was the wrong program.

Let me read more from your op-ed -- you say there has been a distinctive odor about the national jobs report most people have the impression that the 288,000 jobs traded last month -- do you see any of this changing?

Will we continue to see more part-time employment?

Yes, i think we are in a weak economy and people are not hiring people on a full-time basis.

They are inspired by obamacare.

I think this is a dangerous pattern in most american families cannot survive on the basis of part-time employment.

If they survive, it's a low standard of living.

When you have 47 million people working part-time, you know you have an economy that is in real trouble.

Great to see you this morning as always.

A lot of opinions on a lot of issues, more zuckerman, the chairman of boston properties.

Coming up, turning abandoned railroads into historic railroad development.

We will talk to one of the key players in new york's record-breaking project.

We will also tell you about a big acquisition in the chocolate business.

We will be back.


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