Panorama Wins Mark Zuckerberg's Angel Investment

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Panorama Education Founder and CEO Aaron Feuer discusses winning the Mark Zuckerberg angel investment. He speaks with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves."

I know you started this company from your dorm room at yale.

It has evolved quite a lot.

How do you see the steps in the evolution?

Rights definitely.

We started the company when we were juniors in college, just helping a few local schools with data analytics and survey programs.

Over the past two years, we grew it out from a handful of schools near us and finally settled here in boston.

How are you using big data and analysis so that schools can actually do something with the dent improve?


We run large scale feedback survey programs.

We gather data from students, parents, and teachers across the school system to figure out how they feel.

For example, is bullying a problem?

How are teachers doing?

How are parents involved.

We crunch those numbers to give them advice for improving their school.

So far so good?

So far so good.

How fast are you growing?

We were in 1100 schools in maine.

We passed 4000 schools last month.

And now we are approaching 5000. i know you recently closed this round.

Dallas led by mark zuckerberg's charitable foundation.

How did you get connected to him?

We met mark zuckerberg when he spoke at eight 10 or for the startup accelerator in silicon valley and we just met him after dinner and we wanted his advice on our work, no idea he would ever consider investing.

We just knew he cared about education.

And then a couple months later when we were actually in fundraising mode, we reached back out and it turned out he would actually consider investing.

What is it been like to interact with him.

Is he going to become a board member?

Or is he come on in a more official capacity?

He has been involved as an unofficial advisor.

He has been there for us when we had questions or wanted advise.

Like us, he grew a company from his dorm room to make a real difference in the world and our hope is to do the same thing, or to make a meaningful difference in the education or.

We look to him for advice on building a company from that perspective area thank you very much for the time.

He is the cofounder and ceo of

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