Panel: Internet Spy Program Needs Privacy Revisions

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. spy program that compels Internet companies to turn over some users’ e-mail and Web activity should be revised to more narrowly target foreign terrorists and avoid violating Americans’ privacy, a government oversight board said. Peter Cook reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Peter cook has more on one of the programs leaked by edward snowden.

One of his biggest regulations -- revelations.

It raised questions about whether the nsa was sweeping up the e-mail of average americans as they searched for foreign terrorists, and whether major tech companies like the ones you mentioned were allowing it to happen.

This report released by the privacy and civil liberties board, a bipartisan group appointed by the president and confirmed by congress, largely finds that not the case, and that the pogrom at its core is sound.

Overall, the information has been valuable and effective in producing useful foreign intelligence, and the board has found no evidence of intentional abuse.

The report does go on to say, however, some features outside of the program's core raise questions regarding the reasonableness of the program and the report goes on to spell out several recommendations for bolstering privacy protection including requiring the government to require more targeting justification.

There must be a clear foreign intelligence purpose.

More limits on the fbi's access.

More written guidance for nsa and cia analyst and what to do when a query produces u.s. citizen communications, and more filters to exclude domestic medications in the first place, something tech companies are very interested in.

The panel said the recommendations do not require legal changes, but it is up to congress and the administration to see if any of these ideas make sense.

Congress will vote this morning on a meeting -- in a meeting here in washington.

What does this report means to the tech companies involved?

It could be a boost for them, giving them political cover to the criticism they have been facing, especially overseas.

Edward snowden revealed a long list of companies that have been forced to turn over information.

It was to their dismay.

This report provides an independent review and it could help the companies show they are not willing partners in the government surveillance programs and it offers more transparency on the program itself, something they have all been lobbying for.

The report provides details on how the information is collected and processed, the most detailed to date.

It is also evident this will not satisfy all of the prism criticisms.

Thank you, peter cook, on the prism program.

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