Pandora Targets Specific Ads to In-Car Listeners

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Andy Fixmer examines Pandora rolling out targeted advertising for users listening in their cars on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Percentage in four months on this news.

I want to bring in andy, a bloomberg news reporter who covers pandora, in on this story.

Why were they not doing this already?

They had one advertising platform for all devices.

You would basically log into your account and you would be able to hear the same advertisement at a computer or a smart phone, that they had on you.

With so many cars able to be built-in with pandora, they have a much broader base, 4 million people who use pandora in their car on a monthly basis.

That is the reason they can now take the big audience and monetize it, taking it out to advertisers who are looking for this valuable demographic.

If you are selling gasoline, if you are selling movie tickets, if you are selling cars or car insurance, this is a valuable demographic for you.

Does this give pandora an edge over traditional radio?


Traditional media -- original radio has one message that they send over a demographic area.

Think about new york, the radio station sends an advertisement that is heard by 4 million people or 5 million people, but so much of that is received by people who are not necessarily interested.

In this case, pandora can say that we have a listener who lives in this zip code, is male and driving a car.

We know three valuable pieces of information about him and as an advertiser you now have much more resonance, which is extremely valuable.

How much money are we talking about?

How big is it?

It is huge.

This has been a top priority for pandora.

What they want to do is go after that $15 billion per year that advertisers spend on local radio.

To get into that market, they have to be in the car.

According to pandora, over half of all radio listening happens in the car, which makes perfect sense.

It is a format that has not been eaten away by the internet, yet.

Now that pandora is built into so many cars, nine out of 10 of the top selling vehicles in the united states come built-in with pandora.

There is a high likelihood that if you are buying a car this

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