Pandora Sees Sales Hiring Crimping 3rd-Qtr Profit

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Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Pandora forecast lower third-quarter profit than analysts had estimated as the company adds to its sales staff. Jon Erlichman takes a closer look at the numbers on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

The senior west coast correspondent with breaking news on pandora.

For the most part, these numbers were better than what people were looking for.

That these the estimate on wall street.

100 and 50 -- $157.4 million.

Their revenue is greater than expected and looks like some of the initial concern was on the third-quarter guidance.

They are talking between three cents and six cents a share.

The range of revenue that they gave is above what wall street was looking for.

They gave an updated view of the full fiscal year.

And on the earnings side, going from breakeven to five cents a share, that guidance is improved from the previous guidance and from what wall street is looking for overall.

A lot of fixed costs and royalties.

That is encouraging.

We saw a lot of that advertising revenue.

The revenue coming from mobile continues to explode for this company.

The percentage of total u.s. radio listening hours is climbing north of seven percent.

Adding the number of of active users is worth mentioning, that number continues to climb.

71.2 million.

We would have expected this company would continue to grow in terms of its size, the number of users, and advertising revenue.

The stock has been on quite a tear recently so people will probably be a bit cautious.

You spend time driving around los angeles with people listening to pandora in the car.

How realistic is that over the next six or nine months?

We talked about the battles on phones and tablets.

This company wants to have their service available in as many cars as possible.

More than 100 vehicles on the market right now, we know there will be a showdown between pandora and apple and both will want to have built-in option now ready -- optionality.

Folks were actively listening in their vehicles and looking to get you wherever they can.

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