P&G Plans to Eliminate 100 Brands

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Aug. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Procter & Gamble plans to sell, discontinue or otherwise eliminate as many as 100 brands in the next two years to cut costs and focus on its most important product lines. The shares rose the most in two months. Julie Hyman reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Brands to focus on just the top performing ones.

Julie hyman has a deeper look into their restructuring.

P&g will be getting rid of nine d teal 100 brands which will leave about 80 in its portfolio.

What is interesting is the brands they are getting rid of, whether they sell them or spin them off in some way, account for only 10% of revenue and five percent of profits.

We are talking about shutting the least profitable brands.

This is a continuing effort on his part, ever since he came back to the company last summer, replacing bob mcdonald, to streamline png.

The analysts i spoke to were positive on the moves, saying it would allow the company to keep costs in check, focus on the core.

I asked if this was just an issue where consumers are over branded, too much to choose from, but it depends on the segment.

Retailers and consumers have an apt to -- appetite for many kinds of detergent, but fewer when things for -- when it comes to things like to taste.

It is not clear yet which brands png is going to shed, but it's a pretty safe bet that when you're talking about tied, that is -- tide, that is not likely to go anywhere.

We are talking 12 teal 24 months.

Remember, bill ackman, you tend to forget, he played an activist campaign to get mcdonald ousted as the ceo of the company and when he was successful, lastly came back.

Now it looks like he will be

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