Oxford Dictionaries' 2013 Word of the Year: Selfie

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Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nick Thompson discusses the history of the "selfie" with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

For more, i want to bring in nick thompson.

I was reading up on this and i probably know more about selfie than i ever want to know.

It started off in australia.

It did.

I think it is a pretty good choice.

It started off in australia 10 years ago and then they become prominent on myspace.

There are a sign of anti-status.

They are not taken very well.

They are taken by people who don't have friends to take pictures of them.

It is a sign of lowbrow social engagement.

And then they kind of go away.

They are not cool for a while.

And then you have front facing cameras.

You can take a pretty good picture, look at the screen, see what you look like come a snap the picture.

We have cameras everywhere.

We have the ever present social media advancement.

Instagram, snapchat, etc.

They become hugely important.

There is our selfie.

Looking great.

I didn't do a great job at that picture.

By tracking the word selfie, you can check a lot of the changes in social media.

You agree that this is the top board?

I haven't thought about all the words in the oed but it is a pretty good choice.

If the competition was selfie versus twerking -- bitcoin?

It hasn't really exploded.

Twerking is a transient phenomenon.

Bitcoin versus l3, i would -- selfie, it is a tough call.

How can you not have twerking and have miley cyrus's picture next to it right now?

Twerking just means this silly self-promotional moment -- moment by this person.

Some of the words that have one in the past that have one are not used that often.

Podcast is one of them.

It sounds boring to me.

Credit crunch was another word that had one.

Think it is we don't use that as much anymore.

[laughter] my guess is that selfie -- there will be backlash against it.

Once your mother knows it, it will be a little less cool and maybe it does not have too much longer to go.

Thank you for joining us.

Nick thompson, our bloomberg contributing editor.

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