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Dec. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Christie's Tom Lecky discusses the story behind Bob Dylan's fender electric guitar that is up for auction. He speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Auction block on friday.

Tom, it is a pleasure.

Good to see you again.

What have you brought us?

You have brought as a guitar.

It is not just every guitar, if it?

-- is it.


when bob dylan went on stage with an electric guitar for the first time, it changed music history.

He had been a traditional, more conservative -- he played with an acoustic guitar.

That night he changed the way you think history would move forward.

Rock 'n roll was born a day.

This -- the 1960's were born a day.

It was all in this moment where bob dylan had this electric band.

He was wearing this -- these were close.

He was this aggressive, raw performer.

He took a cable and plug-in.

It was symbolic.

Describe the history of this actual guitar.

What kind of guitar is it?

And how does it end up on the auction block?

It is a 1964 fender.

It is still a guitar that everyone would want to own.

And that is not what is great about the guitar.

Bob dylan and his brand would use chartered flights, and the pilot who flew them around founded the guitar left on the plane.

He didn't return it to bob dylan?

He reached out to them.

But it didn't happen.

He passed away.

His daughter inherited it.

She did the research on and to confirm that it was the guitar that he actually played.

You can tell by looking at photographic evidence of the guitar and comparing it with the wood grain of the guitar.

The wood grain of a guitar is like a fingerprint.

You can see, here is the wood here.

Here is the wood here.

It is a match.

Original strings?

Original strings.

Original strap.

The original keys that bob dylan used.

And there was a type written and manuscript set of notes.

We will be including that.

How much is the guitar expected to fetch?

$3000 to $5,000. that is what we expect.

It is iconic.

There are very few guitars that you can point to that it made this kind of monumental change in music history.

Maybe a guitar played on the ed sullivan show.

Maybe the guitar that hendrix smashed and burned.

But this guitar is such a common myth that everyone talks about.

And it is such a good guitar.

Does it still work?

Has anyone tried to play it?


The great thing about fender is that they made things to work.

It is working and beautiful.

And it happened to be in the hands of a great, surreal poet.

Bob dylan.

Have you gotten a chance to strum a little bit on this guitar?

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