The College Majors That Lead to the Most Underemployment

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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Off The Charts,” Scarlet Fu examines the college majors in the United States that are most considered to lead to feelings of underemployment in your professional career. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Let's take the opportunity to bring scarlet fu here to talk about today's is off the charts.

A special jobs and back to school edition of office charts.

We talk about unemployment and people have the economist definition of underemployment, people who want to work full-time but can only get part time work.

Jobs that do not fully utilize training, you might be underpaid.

Pay scales, how to report the most commonly held jobs, consider themselves under employed.

Those who get paid an average of 2100 dollars, 80% of them say they're under employed.

Shift to a cashier, a third say they work hard time but want full-time.

The complaint is not so much with not being paid well.

It just want the full-time job but cannot get it.

Do you really see a concentration here?

This is studying, liberal arts is on there.

There is no stem major.

A criminal justice major, 62% say they're underemployed.

Criminal justice majors often lead to jobs as police officers.

They make an average $34,500. 62% believe they're underemployed.

There is also business.

General studies, do you know what that means?

It is a broad catch all of everything.

It sounds like me -- it sounds to me like another major called undecided.

A broad, liberal arts-based education.

You have to take a look at everything.

You design your majoring.

Let schools have that as a major.

I was looking this up and was trying to check it out.

Columbia did not have it here at online schools tend to have it.

I was still trying to look up schools that have a general studies major.

What happens a lot of -- is people make it into their own major, design their own major.

I might be wrong.

Right in if you have your own.

International business, 60% believing they're underemployed.

Business majors.

It is a subset of business.

For all we know, international business students might find yourself -- find themselves underemployed.

No english majors.

52% are underemployed.

That is just his hobby, not his field of study.

Grammar is.'s hobby.

Kind of true.

I continue to learn a lot about myself on this show.

What is wrong with good grammar?

There is nothing wrong with it.

Scarlett, thank you.

I became an off the charts super fan last month.

It was great to be here in person to experience it.

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