Over One Million Babies `Made' on Match.com

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Match Group CEO Sam Yagan discusses the company's success in the search for love on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

A perennial problem, a perennial challenge.

It's hard to get people to come back after you have match them up.

What have you done to combat that?

Lex what we are finding is by having 70 people finding success on our product, they are our biggest evangelists.

There's nothing more compelling to get people to try online dating then for one of their people to say i just meant someone on ok cupid.

So they are best evangelists to bring in customers.

You just moved all of the dating products into the match group.

People say is the first step toward a spinoff.

How are you taking about that?

That's up for iac to decide what to do and defend when the time is right.

We've grouped together all of our is mrs.

That have similar businesses under the match group.

I have to ask you about tender.

In my world, teams like everyone is on tender.

As someone who found it ok cupid, what do you see is tender's future?

I think they have a tremendous ability to be a breakthrough product.

It's the fastest growing dating app and history of the industry in the last 20 years.

It's built a tremendous brand.

If you walk out and talk to people on the street, they know what is.

Just a year and half since what -- since launching, it's a phenomenon.

Somebody dubbed the recent olympics the tender olympics.

I think it can be a product everyone uses alongside match and ok cupid because they provide such different products for a single person.

Do you think it is a product that can really drive revenue?

No question.

One thing we know about dating is that is the most important search of your life will stop in terms of finding someone to be your companion to be a relationship with, that's a very valuable search and people will pay a lot of money if you can provide them that person.

There's no question a product like tender that is so effective will be huge for our business going forward.

I know there has been some confusion about and are possibly wait and.

Somewhere between $5 million and $5 billion.

What's and extra zero?

If it was a standalone company, it would probably be one of the 10 standalones out there.

Sure enough, it's one of the most valuable startups out there.

I want to ask about the first match made contest.

You are providing it for children of match.com's couples.

$50,000? we were starting to think of our 20th anniversary coming up next year and it occurred to us as we were thinking about it, there is starting to be a second generation of match customers.

We were thinking what can we do to acknowledge those special people who would not be on the earth but for their parents having been on match?

We created the scholarship where kids of parents who met on match can submit a two minute video of their parents love story and we will pay them $50,000 toward getting a college education.

You said over one million babies have been made on match.

I love that statistic will stop is this a way to keep the bowl engaged?

These are people who don't need match.com and more.

Is hoaxing on their children a way to get them coming back?

We are not trying to get their parents back on the site will stop we're trying to talk about our successes in different ways of the that's very effective, but the imagery of having a million babies, i think that such a visceral way -- i have been in the industry for several years and i remember when i first got a user who e-mailed us and said here's a picture of my baby, thank you.

That was a life changing event.

I never felt more engaged than i did at that moment and knowing we are having that impact on the world is a huge way of showing match's importance in our country.

Lex ok cupid -- i want to ask you about this -- they took a very public stance against the founder of mozilla who made donations in support of california's anti-lgbt law.

Why did you decide to take that stance and what is the fallout been?

Our business is fundamentally about ringing people together and having them enter into relationships.

We will always be against any attempt to forge that.

That includes attempts to block gay marriage.

That's why we took the position we did and it much more in support of our gay and lesbian users and it was against any company or individuals.

Can you talk about how much they contribute to your business?


On ok cupid, our gay and lesbian audience is about 10% to 12% of users.

It has that proportional effect on our revenue and profitability.

Rex what is next for match?

Next is a commitment to

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