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May 2 (Bloomberg) -- Vivaldi Partners Group Founder and CEO Erich Joachimsthaler discusses company leadership changes on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And coca-cola, these are two companies facing maturing markets, they have gotten their hits, what happens to a company at that point?

Companies realize the numbers very quickly.

Especially in a declining market.

I seek out different market opportunities.

Pepsi is very successful in the snackfood business.

Coca-cola is very successful in the noncarbonated soft drink businesses.

They're seeking new growth in adjacent categories.

While they try to do that, what is the big danger that any of those ceos have to avoid?

The biggest problem is that a business model or supply chain or a business practice that is applied to one particular category does not necessarily apply to another category.

If you are in a carbonated soft drink business, it is a very mature business that exists for a long time.

The business structure is well-established.

If you go into the energy drink business, it is a very different game.

There is red bull, monster energy, it is an emerging market and you serve an entirely different am a very dynamic, and volatile market.

I'm glad you mentioned the energy drink market.

Both coke and pepsi missed this huge beverage market that grew up right under their noses.

How did that happen?

Did nobody at pepsico or coca-cola say, wait a minute, this volume growth is pretty shockingly huge?

Shouldn't we be in it?


They go to the same trade shows.

They see it before it the consumers see it.

Generally, there was a lot of growth happening in other areas.

The question is, what is actually growing into a trunk or a tree?

There are lots of weeds.

By the time they realize it is a trunk, it is too late.

That is what it is.

Alan mulally is stepping down early and saying that mark fields is going to be his successor.

That was well broadcast before hand.

What is mark fields have to make sure he does?

Mark fields faces a lot of problems.

Unlike other ceos, other succession plans, mark fields faces a lot of problems.

There are problems in china, to give one example.

There are problems in europe, in terms of profitability.

Mark fields is very immersed in making operations profitable.

There are united states problems for the company.

Why do you say it is like tim cook succeeding tim jobs -- steve jobs?

I know alan mulally.

I have encountered him a number of times.

I find him to be very mercurial.

He's a strategist.

He is very driven by execution.

He knows how to get a strategy in place, a long-term strategy.

He knows how to make the strategy executable.

He is a very much like steve jobs in this point of view.

Mark fields has the job of tim cook to keep the train on the tracks?

That is a good analogy.

To put the train on the tracks, really know the business, and make sure the numbers come in and the supply chains work.

Both of these functions are extremely important.

With yum!

Brands, their biggest problem is china.

How to grab the consumer's trust.

What does he need to do?

Creed is well-versed.

I do not know them personally.

They are well-versed in addressing the china problems.

I think in the markets they are operating in right now, they have shown how to run the business, how to innovate, how to look at consumers, how to come up with new cook -- product concepts.

That is critical, as we heard from the ceo of pepsi earlier.

Why do you think strategy is hidden in plain sight?

Most companies look from the inside out.

They see their experiences.

Mark fields has 20 years at ford.

He sees the world from the fort point of view.

By looking from the inside out, you do not see the biggest opportunities in plain sight, right out there in the consumer market.

There needs to be oftentimes a ceo that comes in and says, i have seen a different world, i see this company from an outside in perspective.

From that, i have a new, fresh way of looking at innovation.

Innovation from the inside is a matter of how the company approaches it.

Fast enough.

Coca-cola, red bull.

Thank you so much.

Really appreciate it.

The founder and ceo of vivaldi.

The inconvenient truth about sugar is coming up.

Calling it the tobacco of the 21st century.

Is it really that bad for you?

We will go behind the scenes on that story.

We are less than 10 minutes away from the april jobs report.

Our survey says the economy added 218,000 jobs.

The jobless rate likely ticked

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