A First: Livestreaming Surgery Using Google Glass

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Ohio State University Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine Dr. Ismail Nabeel discusses surgical uses for Google Glass with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "bloomberg west." i'm emily chang.

It's being called the first surgery done through google glass.

A doctor was chosen to test google glass.

He partnered with another doctor, who were the glass during a knee surgery, allowing medical students and faculty to be part of the operation real- time through a google hang out.

I spoke to the doctor about the project, and whether he had plans to use it in more surgery.

This is just the start.

Since the project has been done, i have gotten other surgeons who are interested and want to use the technology and a very different way than what we used.

We beamed to the rest of the medical center, get medical students involved and provide a first-person view.

This time around , we were going to innovate further, and find that we can directly push the images directly onto the glass to facilitate the work that has been going on during the surgery.

The surgeon does not have to come out of the space to look at the images, or to look at the on our -- mr or ct scans.

The team that we have assembled here are really committed to understand the complexity and feasibility of the project.

Do you see this tool becoming something indispensable, something you have to use or want to use all the time in the operating room?

There is a lot of things that need to happen as well.

The project gives us a very good insight of what exactly we are looking at.

The camera on the right side of the glass does not completely take into account every single aspect.

I cannot change the focal length of the glass, change the zoom in capabilities.

If we are looking at a surgery close by, i cannot change the zoom.

The streaming that we did, it was not high death.

-- def.

The other important thing, if you look at the experiment we did -- as each surgeon gets older, he or she has a difficult time hearing.

The bone conduction was not a perfect solution for an o our environment -- or environment.

There are other things that can be changed -- o.r. environment.

There are other things that can be changed.

Is google glass something you would want to wear just everyday, walking down the street, versus something like a smart watch?

I think there is a place for both devices.

I look at inpatient care, as i work for the medical center.

I'm looking at solutions.

We are not only engineers, physicians come through and can figure out how these computer technologies can be used in our field.

Patients can take medication at home.

With the glass option, i can project the direction of how to take the medication right on the

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