Orion: The Algorithm That Makes UPS Tick

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Dec. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Carol Massar reports on the technology that powers UPS's delivery service. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Massar is at world port, the company's hub in louisville, to that louisville, kentucky.

How widespread is all right in?

-- louisville, kentucky.

How widespread is orion?

It is going to be a gradual ramp up to 2017. orion makes a big step toward those businesses.

You told me ups trucks have 200 sensors that monitor when they unload boxes, turn the admission, what else do they monitor?

They look at acceleration, whether drivers are accelerating aggressively or not so much, fuel sensors, there is gps and these cars.

They can track the starter motors.

A lot of information gets put into a orion.

It also saves the money -- save the company money.

What is the return on investment?

I heard your guests say it is better than google maps.

They are pretty confident in terms of their technology.

They spent $1 billion per year on technology.

Most of that money is looking at new technology and new ways of improving the system.

It is hard to say.

We will have to see over time what the payoff is.

They would not make this investment him as were pretty confident about it.

When they roll this out in 2017, if they could shave one mile off of each ailey route, you're talking about saving $50 million.

Each little fraction adds a lot

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