Organic Grocers Spur Organic Growth Through Pricing

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior markets correspondent Julie Hyman looks at the competitive environment of specialty grocers as they focus on value and pricing to spur growth. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Organic grocers like whole foods and fresh market are facing problems of their own.

In this economic environment it has to do with price.

Julie hyman joins us with more on how they are trying to lure customers into their stores.

There are some challenges.

Is with the take away from the second quarter for many grow trees.

-- for many were restores.

It has to do with offering value for many of these customers who are so squeezed in its market.

The competitive environment is such that our focal point -- price is our focal point and we're very mindful of what our creditors are doing.

Whole foods is focused on packaged products to get people in and then to get people to spend higher amounts around the perimeter of the store.

That is what it is trying to do.

Up until now, the margins at the specialty grocers have been much higher, whether you are looking at whole foods or a fresh market or some of the other grocers, because it is a higher price.

To begin with.

And they remain high, even in a price competitive environment.

What about the mass market grocery stores?

They are feeling it, too, because competition is increasing.

If you're a supervalu or safeway or food line, not only do you have to worry about each other, but also wal-mart and target, which are beefing up their fresh food offerings.

Food lion is trying to focus on smaller stores, getting people involved in its loyalty program, for example.

And a lot of them are focusing on private land -- private-label items that we often called generics.

And we have seen sales of these items at the overall portion of the sales of the stores.

Julie hyman, thank you.

We have a great bit of video for you today.

This may be a first appeared in its latest promotional stunt, nike had chinese workers actually net issue onto a billboard in shanghai.

It was to show how the it allows the sneaker to fit around an ankle like a second skin.

It was certainly an eye catcher.

From a sports retailer to the business of tennis, we have been talking quite a bit about how the u.s. open is in full swing, drying fans into the stadium to watch the -- drawing fans into the stadium to watch the best tennis players in the world.

And in the race to retire by 40, we found out what that feels like.

May players aren't playing until they're 30, 35. knowing that i've made a good base for my family and my future family is fantastic.

But it is just the beginning.

I want to dedicate myself even more to a foundation work.

I don't think about it that way i just think about once i stopped playing tennis is because i want to do something different.

In terms of business, is the work on a lot of things.

-- i still work on a lot of things.

Let's i enjoy finding the time to work.

This board is very important in my life.

I don't think about retiring.

I think i will continue working on different things around the sport, because i love it.

Even though it is great and exciting and you have to attend to make lots of money while you are doing it, you ought to do it in a very short time.

If i'm one of those lucky ones that can retire a young age, that i will enjoy that.

But if not, then i will fight the bengals to do.

-- find something else to do.

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