Oracle Said to Near $5B Purchase of Micros Systems

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June 17 (Bloomberg) -- Oracle is nearing a deal to buy Micros Systems for more than $5 billion, people familiar with the matter said. Alex Sherman reports on Bloomberg Television's “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

A surprise.

I have been talking to some analysts since we reported the deal, and micros was not one of the top candidates to be bought from oracle, from the people i spoke to.

Oracle has had trouble getting into the cloud services businesses.

Some people thought they would buy a cloud-based company, and this is one that works with hotels and various different retailers.

Oracle owns several companies like this already, and yet, they are moving further into this business.

The other thing is, with my gross, a lot of people own the stock and were short, so a lot of people were betting against it.

It rose on our story.

What is the goal here for larry ellison?

10 quarters of sluggish sales growth for oracle.

Is this something he had in the back of his mind?

We have to turn this around?

Someone told me that larry ellison almost bought micros years ago.

In fact, the ceo is now the chairman flew across country to sign the deal, and from what he told me, larry basically left him at the altar, and they did not get that deal done, and here we are six years later, and the deal is getting done.

Oracle has not done a big deal and a long time.

This will be $5 billion.

Plus, if it goes through, it will be the largest deal since sun microsystems about five years ago, so it is a eager jump for them.

A lot of little or deals.

White is dealmaking in the tech space accelerating?

-- why is that?

There is a thought that interest rates are going to move.

So let's get these deals done now.

Number two, there is definitely an element of peer pressure out there.

We see it in media and telecom also.

A lot of these companies, they see one deal, and then the board comes together, the management, and they say, look, we should.

Comcast, and then directv comes along.

We had heard the cisco ceo john chambers said recently that he expects some really intense consolidation among these older enterprise-type systems, oracle, cisco, as they try to figure out how to get into the new, modern age.

Bloomberg's alex sherman, and

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