Pope Francis Speaks Out on War

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brendan Greeley recaps the op-ed pieces and analyst notes that provide insight into today's headlines. He speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” JPMorgan Senior Economist Jim Glassman also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

The popes press conferences.

He says interesting things.

Are you a bigger nerd than i am?

You win.

He was asked about u.s. intervention in iraq.

He said -- you must stop the unjust aggressor.

I say stop by some means.

It is an approval of the idea of force.

It doesn't mean he is giving a blanket condoning of force.

He is saying that sometimes you must stop an evil aggressor.

You studied at northwestern.

By any definition, these tensions dampen the economy.

They make people cautious.

Where these stresses are popping up, this is part of the world reduces 2% of the world's gdp.

There is a recovery going on in asia.

The economic benefits are hard to ignore.

This morning with ukraine and russia, that has an impulse in europe.

Europe produces a third of the world's gdp.

They are a big deal.

They are struggling more from the existential crisis.

Draghi made those comments and people thought the whole thing was going to blow up.

That was a very scary moment.

That is reverberating through the region.

He said there needs to be stimulus.

Is that even possible?

Probably not.

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