OpenTable Offers Mobile Path for Priceline: Ansari

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Kamran Ansari, senior associate at Greycroft Partners, talks with Betty Liu about the mobile growth need Priceline fills with its $2.6 billion purchase of OpenTable and how the deal may impact tech M&A. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Bought by priceline.

Were you surprised by this deal?

Them i don't think anybody saw this as an acquisition target.

It makes a lot of sense.

Mobile -- opentable was a primarily mobile application.

They have over half their diners.

Over half of those are mobile only.

That is a big acid -- big asset.

Is also the payment details?

100%. opentable has been experimenting with new retype payments and restaurants.

No need to ask for the check and flag the guy down.

It saves you 15 minutes at the end of every meal.

It is already a public company being bought by another.

We saw the same thing priceline did with kayak.

Priceline came in and bought the company.

Opentable was a point where there was some -- they were sub optimal for a public company.

To billion dollar market cap with us -- the $2 billion market cap was probably not being valued.

Do you think this is a reason why priceline may be looking or any other company may be looking into the public sphere?

I think they may have looked at private companies and saw the valuation.

Maybe they got scared off a little bit.

There are few others you see out there.

I wouldn't be surprised to see what of the tech guys taking a hard look at groupon.

What is the significance of all cash deals in this area?

We recently sold makers to disney for all cash.

Mostly a stock offer, 80% stock.

In investors and shareholders ask you to do something with the cash.

Thank you for joining us.

Senior associate at grey croft

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