How Your Desk Assignment Determines Success

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Oct. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Assistant Professor at MIT's Sloan School of Management Christian Catalini discusses the science of employee seating. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

All you need to know.

The assistant professor of sloan school.

I worked in the oriental carpet, oak paneling environment and i worked here at bloomberg with the open space.

Open space wins.

Is that your research?

There are trade-offs.

Whenever you make a choice, there is a pro and a con.

Open spaces are conducive to innovation.

You are right, the and kind of environment you are working in, it facilitates ideas.

Where you want news to travel fast, ideas to be developed on, open space can be a catalyst for interaction.

Bloomberg is doing it, who else is?

Every tech start up is looking at space in a strategic way.

When you think of the space at the googleplex.

--people can have certain interactions.

Those conversations may not lead anywhere, but they can lead to breaks or ideas.

Give us a name besides google.

I love this exchanging of ideas, i love this open plan.

What companies can i invest in that do this.

Besides google, who else?

There are a number of startups.

In general, most startups have a place that is flexible by necessity.

They're trying to bring the founding team and employees together.

They are working in an open environment.

What is your research and your reading and perspective from m.i.t. on the phrase "walk the floor." how important is it for leaders to stand up and walk around?

That is not novel.

People do that on trading floors.

In times of crisis, that is when you see people on the trading floor saying what is going on.

You are getting a first-hand touch on how everybody is doing.

Those interactions are costly because now you can take executive spending time with every employee.

That time is valuable.

That brings more ideas, more information about how the company or started his doing.

In the long run, that can be very important for the survival of the start up or the company.

What type of companies should not do this?

Companies with oak paneled walls and oriental carpets -- who should not have an open seating plan?

Banner -- everyone should have an approachable space.

You want your employees to be able to focus and execute, so separation and in -- and isolated environment can be very productive.

Doesn't the office table and the couch mean something?

Let's look at the bloomberg office space.

This is way cool.

The first time i walked in, i said you have to be kidding me.

There is corny collins -- her desk is neater than mine.

-- courtney collins -- her desk is neater than mine.

My desk tends to be messy at times.

Is it more important where you sit or what your title is?

Do you want to be seated next to your boss?

You want to be seated next to the people that can you be the best ideas.

You want to be next to the people you want to interact with on a daily basis.

Space shapes your daily interaction.

Coffee together, watercooler interaction -- those are tools for recombining ideals -- ideas.

We speak to you, -- next time we speak to you, it will be in the

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