Elon Musk: Autonomous Driving a Few Years Away

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Feb. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk discusses autonomous driving and how it will be available in cars in only a few years. He speaks to Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television’s Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

The you want to be the first out of the gate?

Do you want to be breaking into that market?

I should clarify that.

Tesla has built up a significant expertise in autonomous driving.

I would not use the term driverless cars.

The term and i'll e.g. -- the terminology that we like to use is -- you expect someone to be able to pilot the plane, but the autopilot helps improve precision and improve safety and reduce pilot workload.

That is the way we view autopilot cars.

I would venture to say at this point, we have probably got the strongest autonomous driving engineering team of any car company.

Maybe any company.

We are continuing to build on that engineering expertise.

We do expect to be the first company to market with significant autonomous driving functioning in vehicles.

How far away are we the from that?

Not more than a few years.


How far are we away from mass adoption of that?

Also a few years?

Do you mean -- this will become a standard for the auto industry.

I think it will take a while for most carmakers to transition.

I look for what their predictions are for their vehicles, but it is more in the 10 year time frame.

Great to talk with you.

It has been a well.

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