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Nov. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman reports that the White House has delayed the online enrollment for small business for one year, allowing business to still enroll and purchase health insurance through existing methods. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Was followed by a delay or he in the enrollment deadline for individuals.

Now we are seeing another enrollment delay.

White house correspond julianna goldman joins us now.

It is quite a delay this time.

That is right, italy.

What the administration is announcing today -- it is a year-long delay for the online enrollment for small businesses to purchase health insurance on the federal exchange.

Basically for 2014, small businesses are going to have to continue using what is called a direct enrollment rather than the site for the 36 states where the photo government is running the marketplace.

These plans are technically called shop plants.

They are the federally run a small business exchanges.

Already small businesses could apply through paper were they have to mail in the application.

Today they are announcing other sign-up methods like going through an agent or a broker or directly through an insurer.

A statement says this allows small employers to sign up for coverage through on -- off-line enrollment while cms works on creating a smoothly functioning online experience in the shop marketplace.

Site enrollment had already been delayed days before the october 1 lunch.

At the time, hhs said the online enrollment would be available sometime in november, so now it is looking like november 20 13th -- november 2014. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell wasted no time coming out with a statement.

"for senators looking to absolving cells of pas obamacare mistakes.

There is only one sku -- it begins with appealing obamacare and it ends with working together on bipartisan reforms that can actually work." they say small businesses can still go online to compare plans.

All right, julianna goldman, thank you so much for that update.

We have other news from the white house right now.

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