Online Is Key for Fashion Retailers: Rayner

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) –- Retail Expert & Author of “The Retail Champion” Clare Rayner discusses the changing faces of luxury and what Burberry’s new leader will bring to the table with Anna Edwards and Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Marc jacobs left lv.

We will see what they have to say about the top luxuries.

Good morning, claire.

That says something.

Many are saying they did not have experience to be the ceo.

Too much on his plate.

Are these criticisms fair?

I think when a ceo like -- leaves, a good 10 years.

She has done this with christopher at her side.

When it comes to luxury retail, it is all about the experience.

We want to have excellent products.

But when you think about what people want today, christopher lacks the evolution for burberry . they have been heralded as one of the most -- fashion brands.

When it comes to experience, burberry is out there.


He has been pioneering that.

It has been christopher's work.

That says he understands this brand and its customers very well.

As a ceo, you can look after the creation site which is what the brand is all about.

Which unfortunately they did lose a key player there.

It was an integral part of what they called the treo.

Hopefully they will replace her with a very promising -- and he will be able to drive forward and experience, which is what we buy into as consumers.

What are we learning about the performance?

We got numbers from burberry.

We have also had numbers from lvmh.

The sales growth of so for a, their make a business, for sephora, their make up business -- they can buy for a far lower amount.

It does make it accessible to more people.

You might buy a coat once every two or three years.

If you like the perfume or the makeup, you replenish every three or six months because it runs out.

It is a great cash cow for them.

It is linked with being a digital luxury brand in a way that may be other luxury brands or not.

How is it changing the way we are shopping?

If you're doing more online shopping, you might get things that are different than if you were in a store.

There's a luxury shopping experience.

This has high neared omni- channeling retailing.

It is about giving a single, universal experience.

You might talk to them on twitter.

You might post comments on facebook.

You could transact with them online.

They have really mixed everything up that makes it convenient and accessible.

They have understood the younger consumer.

They have termed it there burberry girl where they have a perfume for that particular group.

We are changing consumers.

Which brands?

Burberry has been very much a leisure in this space will stop we have seen some good performance with the online and social world and some of the smaller niche providers.

The people who are making best use of facebook and twitter are more small, independent designers.

When you look at the larger retailers, the clothing retailers, it is quite slower for online retailing.

You might see it now with something that you need to support your store sales.

They see a viable way of selling products.


Perhaps the lower price point -- that dominant -- is dominant in that space.

Their ipad consumers are women over a certain age.

It captures young and fashion forward people who are always on the internet.

It has got to move in that direction.

I am into luxury items.

[laughter] apple is luxury.


in the interest of disclosure, yes, i have an iphone.

It is luxury.

Is it because you are paying a premium for their brand?

You are buying everything that that brand exudes.

It is a higher price item.

It is not the first stage rice point like others out.

It does not in that category, but it is a luxury.

It could have bought a cheaper alternative.

In that perspective, it is a luxury.

Does your butler have one?


[laughter] her role is to shore up their retail business.

Help them with their e-commerce.

Improve their store for folio -- portfolio.

It looks alive to me.

Once you are a leader in a market, my brand delivers the best.

Where do you go from there?

They can be seen as leaders.

I think that is why she's is

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