Oliver Stone: Obama Doesn't Have JFK's Backbone

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Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Academy-Award winning writer and director Oliver Stone discusses what he thinks of today's Wall Steet and Silicon Valley, the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination and the possibility of making a movie about President Obama. He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The subject of wall street comes up -- winstone speaks to bankers, the subject of wall street comes up.

-- when stone makes to bankers, the subject of wall street comes up.

It is more about a solo flyer who has a fairly decadent life, but it is not about the street that i knew.

Are you curious to see it?

Anything with leo and marty is always a good film, generally.

What i saw in 2010 was kind of the end of wall street as i knew it.

There was nothing -- there is nothing there that fascinates me.

The people are very smart, that is for sure.

I do not know with a college graduates are all going there to make money, like they were in the 1980s. i will not be around to see the mess that they make.

If what about silicon valley?

Or is enormous power and -- there is enormous power and influence.

I think when you imitate something that is successful, you have to be very careful.

I would like to be the first ones there, but do not go where all of the heat is.

Find a new area -- find a new subject.

This is the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination.

Your film is back in select theaters.

What has been the reception?

The film holds up.

I watched it the other day with an audience.

It is based on a lot of research and we did not hide anything.

We footnoted everything we did.

The film resulted in the jfk act.

Their findings, which are released in many volumes, are very important because they open up the case and give us more light into these dark areas.

The national geographic channel aired "killing kennedy." it is that kind of movie that i was going against when i made "jfk." that is the kind of melodrama where you have the good guy-bad guy.

You have the lone sniper going after the handsome president.

It is a nice little fairytale, but it is simplistic.

You have to look at the evidence with your own eyes.

Kennedy was shot in the back and in the front.

No matter how you fancy up the evidence, gravitational physics, it is all blob loa bla bla.

People who saw him at that moment always talk about the kill shot from the front and it blew out the back of his head.

That is what they keep seeing.

People at the autopsy revealed that the autopsy photos in the national archives have numbers of lens to the head and the body -- no resemblance to the head and the body they saw.

The original photographer was there, too.

He saw those photos and he said, i do not recognize them.

You were asked on twitter whether you would consider doing a film on president obama.

Your response was, he has not really done anything but managed the empire better than bush.

I am not getting younger.


obama -- i voted for him in 2008, believing that change we believe in was his slogan.

I thought he was mature enough to pull us back from the war on terror because that was an over exaggeration.

Bush declared war on the whole world.

We were fighting 2000 terrorists . we could have curbed it with a limited use of force and intelligence.

We have not pulled back from that state of siege where the united states is endangered by all of the people in the world, surrounded by threatening countries.

That is a mindset that will not succeed in life.

Obama does not seem to have -- as much as i respect his intelligence, he does not seem to have the backbone that kennedy had.

He had a sweeping mandate for real change, and he did not take it.

You are working on a script for mlk.

What is the financing process?

That has been in the works for 20 years.

I started the process in 1995, but "nixon" had opened and it had not done as well as i had hoped.

I was called back recently to take another look into the process.

I like the story very much.

I am rewriting the script, so that is my process.

I have to get a script i believe in and i think we're almost there.

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