Olive Garden Revamped: What’s in a Corporate Logo?

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Dennis Ryan, chief creative officer at Olson, discusses what goes into a corporate rebranding and the importance and visibility of logos on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

When tropicana change their logo, people did not like it.

Are people going to really change when they're eating dinner because they do not feel warm and fuzzy about that new branding?

They are not regulated on the -- and they are not.

You hit it on the head.

Logos are really important, but i do not think it is as important as the packaging change.

And olive garden's case, what is the possible downside?

I do not think there is one.

The biggest one is expense.

You have a chain with over 830 restaurants that we need to redo all of the signage, all of the different materials with the restaurant itself.

That is inexpensive undertaking.

As far as a downside if i do not think there is any real significant one.

Is the downside is expense, what is the upside?

Making a little bit more relevant.

I was never a big fan of their old one, with purple and green that reminded me of mardi gras, and this random bundle of grapes.

This is an opportunity to clean that up, give me something that translated better across the social media extensions.

They made some improvements.

Dennis, who is sensitive to a logo?

If this -- there are local failed, maybe you can share with us some of the greatest logo fails of all time, why is a logo failed -- i can understand a bit on offense a buddy that is going to be a problem, but how much good can a new local really do?

Food is just like fashion.

There are trends.

Frankly covey can get behind a trend.

I'm not going to give you that.

If food is like fashion, i can understand different trends in because it is what i put on my biteody.

All garden is to the -- is serving food.

Is it any different if it is serving the same food?

It it is to be an emblem of the change on the inside.

They are serving new food on new plates.

Changing it up to be more fresh.

If they really wanted to change, like tgi friday's, if they wanted to change the way we think about them, they need to change on the inside as well.

They need to be doing some thing with their many, their service, something with the decor, etc.? exactly.

This logo is the tip of this a -- the spear.

They're going to be offering curbside service and online ordering.

All these are simplified by a new brand logo.

At its best it can signal a strong change.

That is a little bit where they fall short.

I do not think this logo is emblematic of a brand renaissance.

Speaking of logos, i want to introduce into this conversation of oscar talk.

Pepsi made a lot of that payday a lot of money to become the exclusive soft drink sponsor was coke left.

Coke managed to sneak into the oscars on the cover of a pizza box.

A tiny little logo on the pizzas that were brought in.

There it is to be busy the coke cola lettering on the side of the pizza box.

I actually noticed it.

How big a deal is this?

We all notice it.

Logos are powerful shorthand, look how little screen space that takes up, but everyone notices it right away.

Again, it is why gatorade is on the sidelines during football games.

You see it in context in venues where you are paying attention, and it registers.

Can pepsi get a refund?

They spent $2 billion.

I would say what gives?

You have other people calling up and saying what gives, and they do.

There definitely negotiations according to the articles i have read.

A failure like that, is that something that could have been prevented?

Or is it just a happy accident?

I genuinely believe this is a hack the accident.

Had people been more aware, they might have noticed it.

But alan had her deal with the samsung galaxy, one of the most brilliant product integrations with her world most popular selfie.

That was taken on a samsung galaxy phone, or fortunately before the broadcast even started, from her own twitter stream she put one up of her and channing tatum.

It is quite clear that the bottom of it said from her i vphone.

She was being authentic then.

Samsung is still a pretty

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