Old GM vs. New GM: What’s Changed?

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April 2 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Television's “Lunch Money” Host Adam Johnson breaks down Mary Barra’s performance before Congress. (Source: Bloomberg)

In motors, gm's ceo mary barra in washington for a second day of testimony.

Answering questions on the ignition switch recalls linked to 13 deaths, mainly regarding how long gm knew about the faulty material.

Why not come here and say we are going to do the right thing and compensate the victims.

Money cannot erase the pain but it is the right thing to do.

Our first step in evaluating this is to hire mr.

Feinberg, we plan to work with him and understand his expertise.

There are civic and legal responsibilities and we want to make sure we are thoughtful and what we do.

She endured 2.5 hours of questioning yesterday.

Several things resonated.

The difference between old gm and new gm.

Barra is presumably new gm.

I cannot turn back the clock.

As soon as i learned, we acted without hesitation.

We told the world we had a problem that needed to be fixed.

Whatever mistakes were made in the past, we will not shirk from our responsibilities now or in the future.

Today's gm will do the right thing.

Not all members of congress are convinced.

You responded to a question and told us that you were going to run gm differently than it has been run in the past.

20 years ago before this hearing, an iowa family harmed by another defective gm vehicle gave me this promotional screwdriver set.

On the outside, it has a slogan.

"safety comes first at gm." so, my question for you and i think the question these families want to know is what has changed at gm?

Isn't it true that throughout its corporate history, gm has represented to the driving public that safety has always been their number one priority?

I cannot speak to the statements that were made in the past.

All i can tell you is the way we are working now, the training we have done, we have changed our core values.

We are leading by example.

One of the process changes we have also made is in addition to win the technical community makes their decisions about a safety recall, we are going to be reviewing at.

We have the head of global product development and myself to see if there is more we want to do.

Have the core values of general motors always been that safety comes first?

I have never seen that part before.

Today's general motors is focused on safety.

We have over 18 vehicles that have a five-star crash rating.

Our entire buick lineup meets that.

Do you agree with the author that this is a grave safety crisis?

This incident took way too long, it is not acceptable, that is why we are making radical changes to the process.

Adding more recessed -- adding more resources and adding a vice president of global safety.

We will continue to make progress -- we will continue to make process changes and people changes as we get the results of the investigation.

This brings us to the second key aspect of mary barra's testimony.

She failed to answer a lot of questions, admittedly because of the ongoing investigation.

Part of our investigation to get the complete timeline, i do not know the answer.

That is why we are doing the investigation.

I cannot answer specific questions, that is why we are doing a full investigation.

That is part of the investigation.

That is part of the investigation we are doing.

That is part of the investigation.

As part of our investigation.

I want to know that just as much as you.

There is an investigation and you cannot comment, are you getting updates from anybody

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