OKCupid: We Experiment on Human Beings!

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July 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson reports that internet dating site OKCupid has joined Facebook in admitting to experimenting with and manipulating its customers. He speaks on ‘In The Loop.”

Very shallow when it comes to dating.

For those of us who day, perhaps.

There is an interesting story.

They look at customer profiles and they change things to see what would happen.

In some cases, they changed text from profiles or removed the profile.

They would take 30% compatibility store -- score and change it to 90 to get people to use the service more.

They found that they would send more messages and receive more messages at 90. users are up in arms.

A lot of people are up in arms about this.

The notion that the customer data, the personal stuff is the stuff that okcupid was messing with.

Are the users up in arms the way facebook users were?

The cofounder says he has only received two complaints.

Much more interesting is when company say they are getting closer to the customer, they are going to use social media to have a closer customer experience, fundamentally, companies will bump into this.

You have all the state out there and they want to find out -- they do it all the time.

They want you to spend more money.

Okcupid want you today more and transact more on their site.

It is about commerce.

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