Office Is So Right, Apple-Quality on iPad: Walia

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Motif Investing Co-Founder and CEO Hardeep Walia discusses his outlook for Microsoft on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)


We have the chief strategist at sandler o'neill.

The buzz over microsoft overnight was microsoft office out on the ipad.

There it is.

I love it.

This is amazing.

It has been in the works for almost three years.

They launched yesterday.

It is so right for the ipad.

They spent a lot of time and a lot of money getting the precision and making it an apple quality products.

Let's get some mba quality aspect on this.

Does this change the ipad usage at wall street firms?

Does work on android, too?

They are about to launch.

They will be coming soon.

They did not best that i. -- specify.

The business world lives with windows.

You have got to give that desk at that.

-- get that.

It was a thumbs-up.

Steve ballmer had cooked this up in the weeks before he left.

It took a lot of courage and there was a lot of consistency in the message.

He has been saying, mobile first, clout first.

Mobile first on tablets is ios first.

Mobile first on tablets -- phones is android first.

It is a combination of surface.


There was no way to deny that the surface did not work.

I prefer office on the ipad2 office on surface.

-- ipad to office on surface.

What is a question you would ask a technologist about microsoft?

Why does it take so long to get these things done?

One of the big changes they have made right now is that microsoft has traditionally been last -- let's integrate all our innovation.

They freed them up.

You do not have to worry about windows and these other things.

It is a complex business driving this out.

You have a billion office users across the world.

Different devices.

It is a strategic company.

It is not like there was a big technological hurdle.

This is definitely a strategic discussion and it was all about preserving the existing franchise.

How do you make the shift?

They're saying, we have no choice.

We missed on surface, tablets.

What do we do now?

Robert albertson.

We have a correct.

Give us your sense of the banking industry world.

We have the stress test results coming out.

How many more heads will roll from the first-quarter numbers?

The first quarter has some issues.

[laughter] putting it mildly.

Investors have to see the forest through the trees.

You know interest rates are going to go up.

We don't know when.

You have the balance sheet.

You have a big hole in the

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