Obamacare Sign-Ups Boosted by Healthcare.gov Fix

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Dec. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg White House correspondent Julianna Goldman updates the latest news on the Affordable Care Act on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

First of all, bloomberg is reporting that also.

We got the 29,000 numbers.

But maybe one way we will be able to see if the white house is doing a victory lap is when they start putting obamacare in wild orchid colors to brand it.

That is exactly what we are starting to see now.

We are seeing the rebranding of obamacare.

It seems like the white house and starting to feel comfortable with the user experience.

The president out there using obamacare again instead of the affordable care act so he is putting his name back on it.

They are getting democrats on board to go out and tell the positive elements of this along that they see.

Some of the more popular items like the president today will be talking about how the law prevents insurers from discriminating against people with existing conditions and female members of congress talking about are vanity fair like mammograms.

But there was a harvard study that got attention showing the nation's eu's is breaking with the president over health care.

Many of them don't want to sign up.

Is the white house ringing its hands on this new disclosure?

That is a pretty significant poll.

It said about 29% of the young uninsured are leaning towards signing up for health care and only about 41% are singing, so so, we are less enthused about signing up for it.

They need to get the young invincible, the young uninsured fined up to balance out the insurance pool.

That is why use all the president yesterday, he held what was called a youth summit at the white house trying to get young entrepreneurs, people with lots of twitter followers to get out and spread the word.

Full disclosure, we would like you to know that julianna goldman is one of the young invincibles out there.

How will the republicans react?

Will they go out and badmouth the fact people can sign up?

The republicans are sorted in a bind now because they can no longer -- and all along what republican strategist have been saying is the whole repeal argument was not really going to last because what is apparent now is obama care, the affordable care act is here to stay.

So they now need to offer some changes if that is the route they are going to take.

But what they are really focusing now -- which is also a big problem -- iv baare the back end problem spirit on the front end, the user experience is working well but the information transmitted to the insurers is getting garbled or incomplete and that could prevent people from getting the insurance coverage come january 1. julianna, on a more serious moment, tragedy at the white house yesterday.

A poor child was run over at the christmas party and the first lady came to the rescue.

What was the reaction at the white house to this atrocious act?

I have to tell you, i wasn't following the white house response to this crisis mode they are probably in.

[laughter] were they in the basement bunker?

I will be sure to find out and get the response.

We will make sure that it is on the record.

We will not let it be on background.

They will have to put a name and a face.

Elana goldman, she will be -- julianna goldman will be down at the younger at an important meeting.

Whshe has the natural touch, she rented a child right away.

Good news for the president.

The president ended up leaking the information out because 29,000, it will not have been a victory lap four months ago but now it is a great incredible number.

Q the question is will this still be on the table in march with the midseason election question?

A lot to resolve in

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