Obamacare Gives Big Pharma Unfair Advantage: Oif

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Dec. 11 (Bloomberg0 -- National Biological Corp.'s Ken Oif comments on the investigation into the technical problems surrounding Healthcare.gov and Obamacare's progress in reaching the uninsured. He speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome to "bottom line." kathleen sebelius called for a review looking into what went wrong.

What do you think the investigation should focus on you go did the technical problems impact your company?

The affordable care act and specifically health care.gov seems to be driving consumers to the lowest cost offering which will typically be something like the bronze plan.

One will be surprising to a lot of consumers is the really high deductible that will be associated with it.

They will be surprised to find out that about $5,000 has to be occurred -- incurred first.

About that investigation, what do you think they should focus on?

I'm not an expert in internet development but i think they should focus on how the they can best implement the system so that the american public can obtain really the best value for dollars.

A government report said over 360 $4000 in two month selected an insurer using the federal and state health care exchanges and 800-3000 were found for state children health plans for medicaid.

What did those numbers tell you -- and an additional 800-3000 were found eligible -- 803,000. hopefully there is smooth sailing ahead here he likes they were revolving backend issues with data transfers.

As a ceo, how would you deal with technical issues corrupt and the launch of your company signature project?

We would have thoroughly tested before we released and if it was not available, we would have announced a delay.

That is just good common business and the way to treat your customers the appropriate way.

Tell us about your company and if it's been impacted at all by the affordable care act.

One area that has been impacted were the surprising high deductibles that a patient or consumer will see we offer very cost of devices for the treatment of skin diseases.

As a consumer sees this very high out of pocket cost it will often make them shy away from our device.

What is kind of unique as there has been a special arrangement put together by some of the big pharma companies to allow what we call the co-pay card or a waiver card that will actually encourage those consumers to use specialty pharma medications, biologics, often $20,000 per year medications at virtually no cost to themselves.

That will be artificially promoting over some of the more common devices.

Do you think this gives big pharma an unfair advantage?

We are looking for a level playing field so that the market really dictates the appropriate path to use.

Will it come close to its goal of reaching 7 million newly insured people on the exchange?

Great question.

It does not appear they're going to get there unless a lot of people get there very quickly.

This is america.

You never know what americans can pull off if they are so motivated to do so.

You are right in the middle of the country.

We mentioned you are in ohio.

What do we know about the uninsured in the united states?

What do they and do not want to reveal about themselves?

I think most people who are uninsured do want to keep that individual privacy kind of under their belts.

I think they will be the last to sign up for things that would disclose what they consider to be personal information.

The jury is still out in terms of whether they will sign up or they will have to be strongly convinced to do so.

In our last 20 seconds, tell us about the affordable care act.

Will it help or hurt national biological corporation?

There are additional patients who will come to the system, we will probably be hurt in the process chiefly because of the high out-of-pocket costs to dissuade a consumer to purchase an effective device that we manufacture.

Ken oif from national

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