Obamacare for People Below Radar: Parsons

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Feb. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Providence Equity Partners Senior Advisor Dick Parsons discusses Obamacare on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

On the benefits that you can get as an employee, or you have to work anyway to make enough money to raise children -- now you're not getting benefits.

Doesn't that squeeze out the middle class?

I would not think of it that way.

The middle class is being squeezed in so many directions.

But from this one as well.

I thought the president did not want to screen without the middle class.

He does not.

He wants to provide more benefits for those who have fallen below the radar.

I hate to use the term lower-class.

Less financially robust.

And so, it does cost money.

I have found -- we have two restaurants.

One is a neighborhood restaurant.

Everybody says to me, employers, we do not want to put them under the same umbrella.

Why not?

You do not want to have more than 50 employees.

Once you have 50, and -- obamacare comes into question.

We wanted to create a model for how you are supposed to do business.

Health care, 401 -- you reestablish a contract with your employees.

He worked for us, give us your all, we give something back.

It does cost money.

You are willing to do the right thing.

Your average small business owner will figure out how to get around paying health care costs.

Who will suffer?

A lot of people who run under one corporation will now break it up into six different ones.

They are not the good guy.

They are just trying to get by.

They goes back to what we were talking about earlier.

If you run the game like a monopoly, where i get all of the properties and money, eventually everyone will tap out.

The game is over.

What we have to do as a country is understand it is not about me or you, we're doing it because it is for the good of the whole.

Unless the whole survives and prospers, eventually we will pay the price.

Does president obama believe in capitalism?

I believe he does.

I do.


I think that his knowledge about how it works, for example, the old adage of whoever made up payroll -- he learns something.

If you are in the system, you have to meet a payroll.

You have to work your way through.

And so, i think we have gotten to a place where most people in government service, whether elected or otherwise, that is all they know.

Most people in private sector, that is all they know.

Do they need to embrace more business owners?

The president is running a very insular white house.

He is not reaching out.

He has tried.

He has reached out to a large number of people.

It is so tough to subject yourself to the scrutiny now.

To make the sacrifices you have to make to go into public service.

A lot of presidents recently have run very insular presidencies.

Maybe that is an issue.

When we come back, millions of netflix survivors -- subscribers are eager four hours of "house of cards." but some do not think binge

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