Obamacare Expands Coverage to 500K in Oct.

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Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) -- About 106,000 people in the U.S. signed up for private health insurance through Obamacare last month, and 396,261 for Medicaid plans, putting the U.S. government well behind its enrollment goals. Megan Hughes reports on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart."(Source: Bloomberg)

Release the number of people signing up for health insurance signing up in october.

As expected, the numbers fall short of earlier projections.

Megan hughes joins us with the numbers.

A lot of anticipation them are a lot of anticipation around these numbers.

106,000 people signed up on the exchanges.

This is from october 1 through november 2. another 390 6000 have gotten insurance through medicaid, the program for the poor paid for with taxpayer dollars.

In total, just over 500-2000 people are positioned to have insurance in 2014 because of obamacare.

But important to point out, 106,000 is the key number to watch.

It is far short of white house projections.

The administration had a target of 800,000 for the first two months.

The cbo projected 7 million people would enroll through 2014. the white house has tried to lower the bar, acknowledging it would not be hitting projections.

Here is jay carney just within the past couple of hours.

I promise you that no one will be satisfied with the numbers, because they will be below what we sought.

While it is fully expected and was fully expected enrollment would be low in the first month, the lowness will be exacerbated because of the significant problems with the website.

And other number worth noting, only about 25% of that number came from the federal marketplace, which is operating in 36 states.

The rest name from states running their own marketplaces.

More than 27,000 which came from the federal market late came from the state of california alone.

Keep in mind insurers are counting on a high headcount, counting on the young and healthy signing up in order to keep premiums down.

This will also give fuel to members of congress who are looking to push back the deadline when people can sign up and allowing people to stay on plans that don't meet the standards.

Kathleen sebelius today is pointing to and other number, 975,000, the number of people she says have started the process but have not picked a plan.

That will be a talking point we will be hearing from the white house as they try to expand that number.

It looks like they will have to push back the deadline after

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