Obama's Presidency Beginning to End Now: Dowd

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News Political Analyst Matthew Dowd discusses the political impact to President Obama of the `fumbled' rollout of health care. Dowd speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."(Source: Bloomberg)

The affordable care act?

I think the country is upset at both political parties.

I think the president has got himself in his own bind.

He is done the exact opposite of the walt disney strategy, he has overpromised and under delivered every step on -- every step of the way.

This is not a communications problem.

This is an implementation and a governing part -- and a governing problem.

That is why he is in this difficult spot.

Is this an example of the campaign chief the being unable to be the governor in chief?

I think this is a result for a long time company -- for a long time coming.

Somebody politicians adopt short-term to mitigation solutions to long-term governing solutions that we need.

I think the country wants to be told the truth.

The country does not want to be overpromised to.

We are much better promise -- much better overpromising and under delivering.

One of the things we keep in mind is that one presidents drop this low in the second term, no president has ever recovered.

You get a mentioning the overpromising with markets in the washington post, writing just about that.

Her conclusion was listening to the president thursday was painful.

State knowledge the need to win back credibility.

He said this one is on us.

Can he recover?

Going forward, what would he need to do differ people to feel confident in his handling of this?

My expectation is when we look back three years at the end of his presidency, they're going to say this is the tipping point of relevancy in his presidency.

I don't think he can recover fully unless there are some external event that none of us know about.

I don't think he can recover and this and what he did yesterday was that this is not help them at all.

I think what he is going to do is the exact opposite of what he wanted to do.

Yesterday is going to burden his friend.

It is going to make it difficult for him to govern as he goes forward.

I think we're going to see his presidency began to and in the fall of 2013. the president hasn't shown that has some and insurance ceos after making this big concession.

Will they get anything concrete out of this meeting?

My guess is no.

You never in a good spot.

If somebody is lower in the country, it is insurance companies.

Teaming up with insurance companies -- he has sent a deadline for the end of this month.

Everybody expects that must be true.

He is going to be facing more problems before christmas.

I was talking with jordan weinstein.

The first thing out of his mouse that's out of his mouth was what is nancy pelosi saying?

How livid is nancy pelosi?

I think yesterday was about trying to show as the democratic leaders in washington.

I think they are livid.

They know this is the signature part of the presidency and it is going to be coming undone.

There is nothing they can do except hope it is implemented.

There's nothing they can do about it.

Matthew dowd getting us started for the weekend.

The sunday shows will be fascinating.

Republicans are gearing up for it already.

It is time for the agenda relook related stories shaping the day.

I know you're fixated on dow

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