'Limited' Syria Strikes: What Are Obama's Options?

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook outlines President Barack Obama's preparation for U.S. strikes on Syria as he builds a coalition of countries in a unified response to the alleged use of chemical weapons. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's Bloomberg Surveillance."

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J.p. morgan is fighting the proposed fines.

New york times in twitter have been hacked by a group calling itself the syrian electronic army.

The site was an accessible for many hours.

The crew packed into millboard broadbent -- hacked into melbourne i.t. ryanair told to cut its stake.

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The world is watching as the u.s., britain, and france moved closer to military action against syria for the chemical weapons attack.

They now have the task of convincing the country to support limited force.

Limited force.

What do we know about it, and what will the president be doing today to sell this?

We heard yesterday the white house came out there is strongly to save the regime change is not the goal.

Talking about a limited use of military force.

Um targeting chemical weapons facilities and direct message.

Reports going to send a message to other countries beyond syria.

Not a message the white house wants to send.


Is an important.

And the administration that does not want to send a message that we're going back to our -- going back to iraq and afghanistan.

Within your research, reporting, what are the targets?

What recalling after?

That is one of the things we are sweating right now.

What are the targets that will send a message?

The kinds of facilities that not only store these but in the use of developing and putting them on rockets.

They also want to send a message.

There is certainly some with the administration who would like this message to be more than just that.

That this has to be something with force.

There has to be shock value.

There is a debate as to how far to go.

How many cruise missiles to go -- to send.

That is one of the things they are sweating right now.

What is the political process corn to be ones president obama decide on a course of action?

To go -- first of all, a notion they will declassify some of the intelligence that tells the united states the regime has something to do with the use of the chemical weapons.

You are also seeing not only international sales pitch, but efforts to consult with key members of congress, leadership.

Perhaps not convened the entire congress as a whole.

That will be a big question mark.

Democrats and republicans calling for the president to seek approval.

How important is it for the president to get international support on this move?

This is critically important.

This is the president that was critical of the bush administration for going it alone and foreign policy.

He has been reluctant to get involved until this point.

The fact that they have the arab league.

Very important for this administration.

Peter cook, chief washington correspondent.

Thank you for joining us with an update on the president's decision.

Going to be political on whether they will move further into the military action.

Our guest host this hour, we're thrilled to bring you byron win, chairman of blackstone.

Tend surprises each and every year.

-- 10 surprises each and every year.

Expect the unexpected.

Is here at the unexpected?

-- syria the unexpected?

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