No Deal Yet: Obama Waits as Congress Negotiates

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Juliannna Goldman reports on White House reaction to end the U.S. government shutdown and raise the debt-ceiling congressional negotiations. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is a reality check for some members of congress.

At the end of the day, i cannot imagine the decision will weigh on john boehner.

Yes some he other factors weighing in, it is just one more he has to consider.

Thank you, peter cook, our chief washington correspondent.

The president has been supportive of a debt ceiling deal being crafted in the senate appeared white house correspondent julianna goldman joins us now.

Can they still get through this without a default?

Yeah, betty, they're feeling pretty good about the progress they have made in the senate, but we really are back where we were yesterday.

The white house is happy with the senate proposal, but again it is not done yet, and i was speaking with one senior administration official this morning is is it really all depends on two things.

One on the senate and timing.

When they bring this measure to the floor.

What happens at ted cruz, as peter was just talking about.

And also house speaker john boehner is going to play his cards, whether he realizes he is going to need to have democratic support and bring something to the floor that will rely on democratic support.

They feel like the house is otherwise throwing up their hands.

Look, they were not particularly surprised by the house movers yesterday.

We have been through this enough times now to expect that boehner is going to bring something up at the last minute to try and get tea party supports.

The feeling inside the west wing was very frustrating.

It stalled senate action because ultimately again he is blaming that she is going to need democratic support to get anything through the house.

Right now, meetings continue, deputy chief of staff rob neighbors, who has been the port -- the point person, was back up there last night.

Will we hear from the president today?

We could.

I expect at some point he will come out.

The question is what context.

Is it to hail a deal or school members of congress?

He does not have any open events.

A number of private meetings in the oval office including with treasury secretary jack lew, but if you look at how he's been playing this all along, he has been staying in the background, kind of working on the condors but not concessions because the more he is involved, the more he is seen as negotiating like back in 2011. the whole point here is to set the precedent that there will be no negotiations over raising the debt ceiling and it isn't specially important right now that it looks like it could be here again in february or march 3 again and again.

Thank you, our white house correspondent julianna goldman.

As we talked about last night,

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