Obama: U.S. Examines Further Steps to Take on Egypt

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Aug. 16 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Julianna Goldman reports on the latest developments in Egypt and what the U.S. is planning to do in response. She speaks with Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.” (Source: Bloomberg)

There are no good options for the administration when it comes to egypt.

As with the president is grappling with.

Obama made a rare vacation appearance to announce the u.s. was going ahead and canceling a planned military exercise with egypt scheduled for the fall.

He said he has asked his national security staff to review additional steps to take if the government continues its brutal crackdown.

At the same time, the president indicated the u.s. but not be abandoning its partnership with the egyptian military.

The u.s. aid to egypt has been a centerpiece in u.s. policy in the mideast since 1979. that brokered peace between israel and egypt.

If eight is revoke a maker the road the relationship.

It is strategically important for counterterrorism and eight help stabilizing the regional and fa cancel a, gulf countries would come in and fill the void.

Mohamed morsi supporters have showed up.

Some arguments to cancel the aid, like john mccain have called for.

You have the egyptian military aligned with u.s. interest.

It opposes islamist terrorism and wants to contain iran.

There is symbolic value to u.s. staying.

Egypt loses legitimacy if it loses the money.

It also needs the ims sign off on a $4.8 billion loan.

Tourism not going to go to egypt , western businesses are not going to invest there.

Until they see stability instead of violence, the u.s. will not look like it is making empty threats and tactics if it continues to provide the aid.

This is what advisers are weighing behind the scenes.

For more on egypt, and president obama, let's go to mark richt traveling -- margaret traveling with the president.

She joins us on the phone.

Thank you for your time.

Despite his efforts to keep it news free, the vacation in martha's vineyard hasn't punctuated by bad news.

First the civilians in egypt, and another wrinkle in the eavesdropping program of the nsa.

How big are the concerns?

Good evening.

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