Obama Tops Weiner in Late Night Punchlines

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August 6 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Off The Charts," Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu examines the number of times political figures were used in jokes for late night television. She reports on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

This is based on a study conducted by george mason university.

Someone has to watch the shows and tally everything out.

They counted the number of jokes made about politically involved people on all the different late night shows in the first half of 2013. the winner, or loser by a wide margin, the president.

280 jokes made at its expense.

And then anthony wiener.

I wonder what the next couple of months will bring for and the winner vs.

The president.

He had a late surge.

And then of course, the pope, and then joe biden rounding out the top four.

The president is kind of an obvious target.

Like george bush on as an l.. -- on snl.

We are pretty much on par.

George w. bush is still a piÑata.

Maybe for jokes about him in the first half of 2014. other favorite targets, chris christie, kim jong un, dennis rodman, and edward snowden.

What about the parties?

Republicans versus democrats on the late shows, i'm thinking republicans.

Actually, democrats get picked on a lot more.

Part of that might be because the president is a democrat.

Jimmy phelan likes to pick on democrats.

Letterman was fairly easy on them.

Fallon had a three to one ratio.

I need to watch it.

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