Obama Sending 300 Advisers to Help Iraqi Army

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June 19 (Bloomberg) -- The Obama administration weighed options said to include sending as many as 100 troops to Iraq as advisers, as the U.S. urged a wider sharing of power there. (Source: Bloomberg)

Our embassy and personnel inside iraq.

As president, i have no greater priority than the safety of our men and women serving overseas.

I have taken some steps to relocate some of our embassy personnel.

And we've sent reinforcements to better secure our facilities.

Second, at my direction we have significantly increased our intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets to have a better picture of what is taking place inside iraq.

This will give us a greater understanding of what they are doing, where it is located, and how we might secure efforts to counter this threat.

Third, the united states will continue to increase support to iraqi security forces.

We are prepared to create joint operations centers in baghdad and northern iraq to share intelligence and coordinate planning to confront the terrorist threat of isil.

We are prepared to work with congress to provide additional equipment.

We have had advisors in iraq through our embassy and we are prepared to send a small number of additional american military advisers, up to 300, to assess how we can best train, advise, and support the iraqi security forces going forward.

American forces will not be returning to combat in iraq.

But we will help the rockies if they take the fight to

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