Obama: Syria a Hard Sell But the Right Thing to Do

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Sept. 6 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama speaks at the G-20 meeting in Russia about his expectations for opposition to military action against Syria from the U.S. and global leaders.

, chuck, i expected this.

This is hard.

I was under no illusions when i embarked on this path, but i think it is the right thing to do.

It is good for our democracy.

We will be more effective if we are more unified, going forward.

Part of what we knew was that there would be politics injecting -- i said some.

What i also said was that the american people have gone through a lot when it comes to the military over the last decade or so.

So i understand that.

So when you start talking about chemical weapons and their proliferation , those images of those bodies can sometimes be forgotten pretty quickly.

The news cycle moves on.

Frankly, if we were not talking about the need for an international response right now , just would not be what everyone would be asking about.

There would be some resolutions being offered in the united nations, the usual hocus-pocus , but the world and the country would have moved on.

So trying to impart a sense of urgency about this, why we cannot have an environment in which, over time, people start inking we can get away with chemical weapons use , it is a hard sell but something i believe in.

And, as i explained, in this context, making sure the american people understand it is important before i take action.

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