Did Obama's 'I'm Sorry' Opens a Pandora's Box?

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Nov. 8 (Bloomberg) -- President Barack Obama said he’s sorry that thousands of Americans are losing their medical insurance as a result of his health-care law, as his administration works to contain the political damage from the troubled rollout of his signature domestic achievement. Julianna Goldman reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

The presidential apology struck me as unusual.

It means that the white house realizes this is starting to snowball in a bad way.

They know they need to recognize and the president needs to say to the people who are losing these plans that there is a problem here with the policy.

The white house is emphasizing that this is a big eel that he said this but he is not apologizing for what he had been saying since 2009. he is they did not get the policy right.

Was this choreographed or the president acting ad hoc as he is known to do?

I'm not sure it was choreographed.

It took him a while to get to the " i'm sorry" part.

He was pushed a little bit on this print i think it is now -- it has now opened a pandora's box where you have house speaker john boehner saying -- is he sorry, too?

No, he says it opens the door to a legislative fix.

However, the administration is saying that the president will get a team together to figure this out so they can fix this problem through administrative action, to help people whose policies were counseled who are facing higher premiums and who are not -- gary parr is with us.

Is this leadership in washington?

It's good that he stepped up and said there is an issue and we need to affix it.

It is good he admitted it rather than saying it is someone else's fault.

There is a lot to fix.

Does it make him look weak?

They keep saying they have to get the website sex.

Having the website not up and running and having the spanish language site down, having kathleen sebelius testifying when the site goes down for 90 minutes, it opens the door to all sorts of criticism.

That's why they have said november 30 is the date the majority of people will be able to get online.

They think once that's fixed, they will be able to get asked some of these other issues.

What do i need to watch for in the sunday talk shows?

Chris christie.

Also, i am interested in the news of the possible deal with iran and see how the white house is reacting and now members of congress are reacting to whether republicans are some -- going to be going for more sections which is what that's not what the white house is doing.

Always good to have you

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