Obama Seeks Tech Surge to Fix Health Care Website

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook reports on President Obama’s push to fix the technical glitches on the Healthcare.org website and the continued political battle over “Obamacare.” He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Keene and that he lived.

Knocked off the print -- front pages by the shutdown -- the challenge rollout of the health care exchanges is taking center stage.

Peter cook joins us from washington.

First, the president will get out in front of this with a speech today.

How will that go?

Some suggest he is behind the curve on getting out ahead of these problems.

11:25 a.m., he will add knowledge what happened with health care.gov is unacceptable.

What they are doing right now, another surge.

We had this surge in iraq, now i text search -- a tech surge to address problems americans are having.

Republicans are lighting up with criticism.

It makes you wonder what would have happened if you do not have the shutdown.

Would they have been laser focused on these issues instead of the fight over funding the government and the debt ceiling?

It is giving fuel to the fire for the republicans are criticizing obama care.

Here is ted cruz on abc's "this week." i would do anything, i will continue to do anything i can to stop the train wreck that is obamacare.

What i intend to do is continue standing with the american people to work to stop obamacare.

It is not working, it is costing jobs, it is taking away health care.

Ted cruz, not sounding apologetic.

How are the internal politics of the republican party playing out?

It is really interesting.

Everyone is waiting to see what kind of feeding frenzy there is antirepublican party.

-- i republican party.

There has been called for unity.

With ted cruz talking like that, there is a big divide.

He wants to keep going after obamacare.

In texas, he got a hero's welcome when he returned.

Not the kind of reception he been getting in other parts of the country.

When ted cruz says he is the "american people," what percent of the population supports mr.

Cruz, the tea party, those who want to go after obamacare?

You had about 74% of the nation saying that they were upset with congress about how this played out.

That gives you a sense of how laypeople may have been upset with the tea party and specifically -- of how many people may have been upset with the tea party and specifically ted cruz.

There is a core group of republicans, the kind of people who elect republicans in primaries, who are adamantly supportive of ted cruz.

That is why his stock with the conservative base has risen while his stock nationally has dropped.

There are plenty of republicans pushing back against ted cruz.

With was into mitch mcconnell -- let's listen to mitch mcconnell.

On the government is not conservative policy.

A two week paid vacation for federal employees is not conservative policy.

A number of us were saying in july that this could not work, it did not.

There will not be another shutdown, you can count on that.

Does that signal that the gop will be more willing to compromise in the budget talks?

It signals that mitch mcconnell and other republicans know that they took it on the chin in terms of public opinion.

Do not expect republicans to get in ground on things like revenue or a obamacare.

They will continue to try to pick at it from around the edges, there will be efforts to revise it.

Perhaps a new group of democrats willing to tweak it.

Alan from morgan stanley is with us.

-- ellen from morgan stanley is with us.

There is a market with the vix of 13, shrugging off peter cook's world.

We talked about a lasting impact on consumers and businesses.

With financial markets shrugging it off, that will help the wealth effect.

That encourages me for how we will perform with holiday sales.

This is going to be a one quarter impact.

We will be talking about what will occur next year with debates and how that will affect the economy.

For the shutdown, one quarter.

Republicans claim this is hurting confidence and hiring, is that true?

I have read reports that cover both ends of the spectrum.

There is one out of the san francisco fed, is the share of part-timers because of health care -- it was inconclusive.

When they looked at historical trends, the share of part-time to full-time workers is actually not out of whack historically.

This is a difficult issue, it is hard to pin down exactly where the effects on the label market are being shown.

It is monday, what are you going to be washington -- washing in washington this week?

We have the senate out of town, that will be on the back burner.

The president on the health care law will be the story of the week.

There are questions about whether the federal government has the skills to implement this system in a way that really allows those younger americans to sign up in the numbers that the administration would like to see.

It is a big question mark technically.

They have time, people don't have to sign up through march.

There is plenty of opportunity.

The big question is why did it take them so long, they have had plenty of time to amp it up.

Chief washington correspondent peter cook.

Thank you for joining us on the affordable care act.

President obama speaking about it at 11:25 a.m. on bloomberg

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